Nokia E7 will be one of the first Nokia smartphones to run on the new Symbian^3 operating system. The food that we eat is converted into energy necessary for performing the basic functions of the body. Certain weight loss dieting techniques, especially the rigid fad diet plan could slow down your metabolic rate.
Even if they try one of the many diets that have been designed by specialists in the field, many people have difficulty in losing weight due to metabolism. This is the set of chemical and physical processes that transform food into energy and is a necessary step in the functioning of the body: some people have a slow metabolism and need to speed it up.
Metabolism plays an important role, for example I have a very fast metabolism which makes it hard for me to gain weight, so I always have to find alternative ways to overcome this limit. A fast metabolism diet is not really what I need, but what many others need to increase their weight loss rate. To encourage speeding up the metabolism in the body we need to introduce those foods that can facilitate the execution of these chemical reactions and avoid those that hinder it. The fast metabolism diet menu, of which I propose a weekly example below, does introduce in our body about 1,200 Kcal per day and should be followed for a month. That way you are supposed to lose about 4 or 5 pounds of weight and facilitate the digestive process. Breakfast: unsweetened tea or coffee, 3 or 4 slices of wholemeal bread, a glass of skim milk or low-fat yogurt. Lunch: 50 g of whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce sprinkled with grated cheese, mixed salad of raw vegetables, a cup of coffee without sugar. Dinner: appetizer of raw vegetables or fresh fruit or whole fruit salad, minestrone or vegetable soup without pasta or rice, 200 g of grilled or baked fish, mixed salad, half wholemeal bun (30 g). Breakfast: unsweetened tea or coffee, 3 or 4 slices wholemeal bread, a glass of skim milk or low-fat yogurt.
Lunch: 160 g of cottage cheese with half a wholemeal sandwich (30 g), mixed salad of raw vegetables, unsweetened coffee.
Dinner: appetizer of raw vegetables or fresh fruit or whole fruit salad, minestrone or vegetable soup without pasta or rice, mushrooms, mixed salad, half wholemeal bun (30 g).
Dinner: appetizer of raw vegetables or fresh fruit salad, soup or vegetable soup without pasta or rice, 2 boiled eggs, mixed salad, half wholemeal bun (30 g). Lunch: 50 g of brown rice with vegetables, mixed salad of raw vegetables, unsweetened coffee. Dinner: appetizer of raw vegetables or fresh fruit salad, minestrone or vegetable soup without pasta or rice, fish soup, salad, and half a wholemeal bun (30 g). Dinner: appetizer of raw vegetables or fresh fruit salad, minestrone or vegetable soup without pasta or rice, 150g of grilled meat, salad, and half a wholemeal bun (30 g). Lunch: 160 g of light cheese with half a wholemeal bun (30 g) mixed salad of raw vegetables, unsweetened coffee. Dinner: appetizer of raw vegetables or fresh fruit salad, minestrone or vegetable soup without pasta or rice, 50 g of defatted raw or cooked ham, mixed salad, half wholemeal bun (30g).
Dinner: appetizer of raw vegetables or fresh fruit salad, minestrone or vegetable soup without pasta or rice, 150g of grilled turkey breast, mixed salad, half wholemeal bun (30 g). Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I want to explain a few secrets of endurance training by answering some fair and common questions about it. As the temperatures start to get pleasant, it gets harder and harder to drag yourself to the gym to get the exercise you need. Before we analyze the HIIT training benefits, I'd like to spend a minute explaining what HIIT is. By continuing to use this website without changing the settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. For some girls emphasis eyelid eyeliner after application of mascara is more than mandatory as in daily and in the evening makeup. If you apply just the inside edge of the eyelid, the makeup will be deleted pretty quickly, will interfere with your vision and can also lead to himself and insidious disease for your eyes if you lead a result of a recent study published in the medical journal Eye and Contact Lences. Scientists used a brilliant eyeliner with glitter and caused the internal and the external edge of the eyelid three women, two different events, and then watch what happens. After two hours of almost any quantity of the product not be retained on the inner edge of the eyelid.
The product smears, lies exactly in the lacrimal pathways, so researchers recommend framing the inside of the lower eyelid can not be practiced by people who wear lenses or have dry and sensitive eyes.
In the best makeup will cause discomfort, will contaminate the contact lens and blurred vision for a while. If the result of this study you think shy, but still love the effect of the pencil on the eyes, save it for special events. The gestation period is turbulent, filled with many different changes, conditions and concerns.
Many women say that in these strange times their husbands watch them strange, and the next moment together began to laugh!
Often belly did not return to his old normal size immediately, even though you have just had a baby, placenta has come out and you’ve freed all the excess fluid. It is normal to enjoy the new life that you have brought into this world, want to spend all my time with him, to admire and enjoy. In most cases, freckles emerge in the spring, keep in the summer and in the autumn and winter fade even disappear. The cosmetics industry offers several ways for deliverance from pigment spots and freckles. The impact of the laser beam is based on the effect on the cells containing increased levels of melanin. Vitamins C and PP decreased skin sensitivity to UB-rays, so make sure you take after their sources: onions, cabbage, tomatoes, rosehips, potatoes, beans, cherry, orange and apricot. Rose water is a natural product that is produced by distillation of the flowers of the Rosa Damascena. Rose water stimulates the regeneration of damaged and aging tissues, improves blood circulation and maintains moisture balance. Except as a natural product, it is one of the main products in some quality cleaners person.
Nuxe offer a whole series of face cleansers with 3 roses, incorporating three key ingredients – floral water color Rose Damascena, allantoin and vegetable glycerin.
Makeup removal and cleansing gel, toning lotion, cleansing mineral water, micellar foaming cleanser, toning scrub, cleansing cream mask, they are all without parabens, 97% vegetable ingredients physiological pH, tested under dermatological control and ophthalmology. Established in 2000 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Biofresh is a new and modern manufacturing company owing its rapid and stable growth in recent years to a dynamic, young and highly-professional team backed by the long-lasting tradition in rose oil extraction and cosmetics industry in the region. The selection of ingredients in NAT’AURA DIAMOND 45+ REVERSE TIME is selected as a result of thorough and critical examination of their qualities and properties.

All stem cells, regardless of their origin (plant, animal or human) contain specific factors whose function is to improve the self-renewal capacity of stem cells. PHYTOCELLTEC ARGAN represents an extract of stem cells Argan with a high content of these specific factors and cellular metabolites, which improve the regenerative potential of dermal stem cells, revitalize them and protect them. ORSIRTINE ISR is a standardized extract of rice, which fights against aging by preventing cell vitality and longevity. Series products contain the ingredient AC yogurt rermal respiratory factor – ferment synthesized by stimulated live cells of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and isolated from them by high-tech processes. Incorporation and unique combination of natural ingredients with conviction and faith in the precious power of nature provide expert care to restore the natural beauty and health of skin.
The innovative formula designed on the concept SKIN ANALOG, Express restores the natural protective barrier of the skin. Unique probiotic, hypoallergenic formula without preservatives and genetically modified organisms – lactobacilli. We encourage you, if you want to prevent dehydration drink at day 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight. White spots on nails could be a sign of a lack of vitamins, but most often they are caused by impact, injury or too silen pressure at the base of the nail. Yellow nails can be caused or too frequent use of nail polish without formal basis, or what is worse, from nail fungus. Cuticle biting, exposure to chemicals and detergents or general neglect of the nails are all reasons for the appearance of rough and scratchy cuticles.
Nourishing and moisturizing nail must be your daily care, if you want them to grow up healthy and shiny. Nourishing Conditioner nail Maxi of Biotrade is a magical tool for maintenance of beautiful hands and nails. One of the advantages of oily and combination skin is that more frequent hydration and sebum are among the main factors for the delay premature aging. In fact, the fastest wrinkles appear on dry skin, there hydration takes much more time, care and perseverance. It is better to use a cleaning product, which is in line with your skin type, not your eyelids are neither too dry nor overly greasy. You can take advantage of the good operation of natural oils at night when your skin needs more hydration. Great delusion to think that by putting on face cream on the eyelids, their legal services. To get rid of unpleasant gases and pain, however, do not rely solely on this slightly acidic liquid, but rather eat slowly, do not eat fast food and carbonated beverages and reduce the use of salt and alcohol, advises Alice. Often drink water with lemon if you suffer from acid reflux, because citrus will exacerbate symptoms. Instead of melting the adipose layers in your body, a wrong diet could boost weight gain by plummeting metabolism. The calorie cutting strategy will push your body into the hoarding mode by slowing down the basal metabolic rate. Dietary fibers found in whole grain products, fruits and vegetables would accelerate fat metabolism.
I became a fitness passionate during the last 10 years, where I learned a lot by studying and also through personal experience. Cookies are files stored in your browser and are used by most websites to help personalize your web experience. Against this colorful and sweet fairy, after a long and hard winter, sad to leave hair dull, flabby and thinned.
After 1 hour, wash the head with shampoo, then rinse with a decoction of nettle leaves and roots.
The color applied to the interior base of the eyelashes almost immediately disappeared, and more than 30% of brocade caught the eye, compared with brocade pencil applied from outside.
Although the researchers used a pencil with glitter in this experiment, they are certain that the effect will be the same with simple, clean color. And also the ladies who rely on the fact that their makeup will continue throughout the day. At worst, however, may cause infection, especially if the tip of the pencil is adhering bacteria.
Before applying, always clean the tip of the pencil as it sharpen slightly or rub it with a cloth dipped in alcohol. Postpartum discomfort of pregnancy ends, but it is possible to appear some strange symptoms that most mothers do not suspect!
The feeling of bliss and happiness is the most normal thing that happens in the life of a mother of a healthy baby. Freckles turn traditionally cause tenderness and are considered childish decoration of the face. Together with procedures but must not miss and taking vitamins in vitamin B, vitamin C and more food rich in them. The downside of this method is that the skin is highly traumatized and redness pass after about a week. Immediately after the operation, the stain is very sore, and after 2-3 days the skin darkens and milled. The resulting slurry is coated on a tissue, which is placed on the face of no more than 15 minutes. Each evening anoint your face with sour milk and after 20 minutes wash it with lukewarm water. Thanks to the rose oil dissolved in it, it acts disinfectant and antibacterial, soothes skin rash, allergies and skin irritations. Except for female beauty, it is suitable for cleaning your baby’s delicate skin, but also for men who can use it to soothe the skin after shaving. Rose Water is absolutely natural cosmetic product – recommended for refreshment and cleaning of all skin types, maintain water balance, soothes, refreshes and deodorizes, easy to use, lifts the spirit and mood. What makes Biofresh products so special is the use of pure natural rose oil, coming straight from the distilleries in the world-famous Rose Valley. To preserve their magnetism and youthful appearance without subjecting the operational procedures every lady needs to build comprehensive and individual care for their skin. Hormonal changes affect noticeable on skin condition – it is no longer as tight as it was.
Everyday comfort and lasting moisturizing can be achieved with a series of steps to provide comprehensive care.
The selection of ingredients and formulations are adapted to the specificities and needs of the age.
They have used natural materials that originate from different regions of the planet and are designed as a combination of ancient traditions with innovation and technology. Depending on the product and its function these ingredients are supplemented by others that meet the individual characteristics and the effects that it seeks to achieve.

Represents sirtuin activating complex, which was established to improve the operation of sirtuins in skin and provide an effective anti-age effect. Increases the content of sirtuin 1 in the skin (better than resveratrol) reduces cellular aging, protects the skin and rebuilds after exposure and damage from UV radiation and oxidative stress, improves vitality and its type. It combines in its composition two of the most unique in the world natural elixir – Yoghurt Bulgarian and Bulgarian rose oil. Prepared in this way, the product acts as a prebiotic that stimulates the synthesis of collagen, increased utilization of oxygen – improves cellular respiration by 115%.
Contains natural Bulgarian rose oil and lyophilized Bulgarian yoghurt – concentrate of over 50 million. Could be due to contact with various chemicals or by the frequent use of lacquer and nail polish remover.
Do not think that you can change the inheritance, but remember that you can still spread it evenly with a polishing file.
Feeding is best with vitamins A and E, which help restore the natural balance of the nail, but also strengthen it further in the early stages of his generation.
Often put cosmetics shows bleeding very quickly and require repetition and sometimes even in portrait application. Furthermore, the setting of such a cream base eye shadow is detrimental to their durability. However, if you replace the sweet coffee, shakes and juices with it, you will lose weight, because it will reduce the amount of calorie per day, “says Alice Ramsi, spokesman for the American Academy of foods and diets.
For those who do not like to drink just water, the addition of lemon is an easy trick to flavored liquid without added calories to it, “added Ramsi. The composition and size of your body or your muscle mass, your age and sex determine the basal metabolic rate of your body.
While health disorders could push down the rate at which calories are converted into energy, even your diet could play a role in slowing down metabolism. While reducing your calorie intake, make sure that your minimal calorie intake does not fall below 1200 calories per day if you are a woman and below 1500 calories per day if you are a man. Including few cups of tea or coffee in your daily diet will supply your body the stimulant capable of increasing the metabolic rate of your body.
A sense of discomfort and uncertainty in their beauty makes modern women feel not so working while lowering self esteem and mood. When poorly developed, they do not constitute a cosmetic defect, even in some cases give a peculiar charm. Rose water act integrally, in addition, that cleans, it moisturizes, refreshes and soothes the skin. Known for its healing and beautifying properties, this fragrant elixir flowing from the heart of Bulgaria has been esteemed from ancient times to the present.
Cosmetic products should reinforce barrier function of the epidermis, stimulating cell renewal and revitalize the skin. Biofresh products are enriched with an enviable amount of valuable ingredients with organic (bio) origin – glycerine, vegetable oils, natural extracts. Nourishes dry, prone to eczema skin by restoring its barrier function and remains extremely softness and comfort. Variety of mutually supportive action in their products ensure maximum effect for the use of the whole series. Once formed, their appearance, strength and brilliance depend on the daily caring for them. If, however, you have recently appeared striations note of your health, as this may be a sign of anemia. If a cosmetic defect, the nails can be discolored with fresh lemon juice or nail polish remover, in whose composition is citric acid. If your cuticles are very painful, apply a moisturizing conditioner at least 2 times a day.
The lubricating and moisturizing effect of the balm helps restore and preserve the natural balance of nails and so keeps them healthy, flexible and shiny. Thoroughly clean the area around the eyes, making sure that no particles of makeup, creams, foundation fied or any contaminants. It is no coincidence that cosmetic companies create specialized formulas for this part of the face.
Far different is the opinion of the ladies who see small brown spots each time closer to the mirror. We want to appeal to your senses through aroma and touch and encourage you to care for your skin with gifts from nature, blended in products that will pamper your body, relax your soul and promote health and well being.
It is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (including linolenic acid – omega-6) and natural tocopherols.
The product is particularly suitable for intolerant skin prone to atopic dermatit.Produktat is designed to minimize the risk of allergies, contains no preservatives and synthetic fragrance. If you do not drink enough water during the day, dehydrated nails begin to dry out and become brittle. Violation of the nail plate can be caused by excessive pressure and pushing the cuticles during the manicure. It is not desirable to completely remove them, crop only that part of them that is dry and prevents the natural growth of the nail. Remember, dehydrated nails break and slicing more often well maintained and hydrated nails. In 2007, British scientists found unexpected confirmation of the popular belief that people with many freckles on the skin are endowed by fate. Defense mechanisms, cell metabolism and regeneration of the dermis are significantly reduced efficiency. Thanks to its composition, Argan oil helps to restore the hydro-lipid film and barrier function of the skin.
Adverse results, which inevitably will become a reality are thin, dry and stretchable skin, wrinkles and deep lines in the facial muscles, age pigmentation and uneven complexion. The amount of linoleic acid (a component of vit.F) is three times more than that in olive oil.
It appears also that people with many freckles have longer telomeres – end portions of chromosomes that protect it from external impact and thus prolong its existence.
Due to the high content of natural tocopherols Argan oil has excellent activity against free radicals and stress.

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