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LifeBotanica offers a program which is beyond just colon cleansing which results in quick weight loss and water weight reduction.
My goal is to “tone up” I want lean muscle, less fat, and more definition for my body!

I workout every morning with my husband between 5-6am, before he has to go to work and before the kids wake up!
We believe there is no such thing as a colon cleanses, kidney cleanses and repair liver cleanse in just a 5, 7 or 10 day cleansing period. Our aim is to help you support and guide you for a Life Style Change achieve a lifestyle extension. If you need accountability, GET IT!, you need to set goals for yourself and work towards them! To truly achieve a lifestyle change and avoid constipation, colon cleanses, colon Detox, we recommend LifeBotanica Detox Complete.

To help you restructure you’re eating habits and slowly acquire skills to choose the best food categories which keep you healthy and prolong your life.

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