Later morning: During the later morning you can continue to breastfeed or give HiPP Milk Formula. In the evening: You will also find new varieties of HiPP Good Night with no added sugar in a jar or milk paps to mix, which have a slightly coarser structure, as well as several new flavours from the 8th month.
Drinks: With the third weaning meal at the latest, something to drink should be offered at every meal.
Later morning: Ita€™s best to carry on giving your child cereal-fruit pap later in the morning. Lunchtime: Menus from the 10th or 12th month with small chunks provide everything that your baby needs for a healthy meal at lunchtime. In the evening: Good Night paps in a jar or milk paps to mix yourself are delicious and pleasantly filling evening meals.

Important: as soon as you dona€™t need a bottle anymore, your child should be drinking all fluids out of a mug or cup.
HiPP Fruit and Fruit & Cereal are now also available with fine chunks for the 8th month and onwards. You can now also offer your baby HiPP Fruit & Yoghurt or HiPP Fruit Duet a€“ fruit with yoghurt or curd cream. Our jars from the 8th month come in age-appropriate portions that are eaten up by most children. HiPP Fruit or Fruit & Yoghurt are practical snacks to take with you for in between meals. Your child is also sure to enjoy a few biscuits, millet curls, rice cakes or a rusk every now and again.

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From the 12th month HiPP Growing-up Milk is suitable for breakfast.If you would rather give your child something solid, HiPP Organic Muesli with Fruits, tasty fruit and fine cereals is an excellent alternative.Your child fancies a bit of bread already?

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