The second meal should be consists of vegetable with wheat bread and small quantity of fruits and cottage cheese will be perfect meal. Choose a meal consisting of vegetable salad or pasta or pita bread which are full of protein. If you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, one of the most important parts of your treatment and management is constant monitoring. It is very easy to make your own gestational diabetes tracking sheet, as long as you know what it contains.
You can create a weekly or monthly gestational diabetes tracking sheet depending on how long you want to track your blood glucose. If you find it tedious to create your own gestational diabetes tracking sheet, you can opt to download your own gestational diabetes tracking sheet from several sites that offer them.
If you want a modern gestational diabetes tracking sheet that you can carry with you then we have created one that is available for purchase on Amazon in a Journal form with all the necessary things you need as an on the go soon to be mom.
This gestational diabetes tracking sheet and journal includes directions on how to use it, areas to record meals, intakes and blood sugars, how you are feeling and any medications you are taking. Thanks for listening, I am a registered dietitian who had gestational diabetes and I want to help you find your way through this tough time. So, the full protein and carbohydrates meal like toast will be good.  Take it with a glass of milk or a low calorie yogurt. Take an apple or a grain muffin or some peanut crackers with a cup of milk will be an ideal food as a bed time snack.

If mothers do follow this light diet plan they can easily get some rest from diabetes and can give birth their new born baby without any serious complication. I am now doing an internship from Kics,UET and company which is offering this internship is FInktanks. Aside from having a healthy diet and regular exercise, you should also regularly monitor your blood sugar levels before and after you eat. You can do a gestational diabetes tracking sheet in Microsoft Word by making tables with several rows and columns. Write down all the days and dates on the first column of your tracking sheet, and then devote another column for specifying the time when you took the glucose reading. For instance, the Diabetic Connect community offers free gestational diabetes tracking sheets which can also be used by those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. This diabetics condition has spread all over the world, five percent of all pregnant women have gestational diabetes. But the best way is that your physician should suggest you a good and  healthy which should  be full of vitamins  and nutrients. This can be done through a gestational diabetes tracking sheet, which enables you to record your blood sugar levels taken by a glucometer, which can be used as a reference for your subsequent checkups. However, an easier way to create one is through Microsoft Excel, since it already comes with ready-made tables that you can customize according to your needs.
Ideally, you should have glucose readings in the morning when you wake up, before and after breakfast, before and after lunch, before and after dinner, and by the time that you go to bed.

The official Diabetic Connect Blood Sugar Log is good for five weeks of monitoring, which is already good for a month.
As, Its a delicate period for the mother, if she keeps her sugar level under control, she need not worry about her delivery.
Using a gestational diabetes tracking sheet helps your doctor determine whether you are responding positively to the current treatment or not, in which case your doctor needs to adjust your treatment in order to properly manage your condition. If you are using an Excel file, you can add a row for averaging your daily glucose readings found in your gestational diabetes tracking sheet. It is perfect for pregnant women since you can monitor your blood glucose levels for each month of your pregnancy.
The level of sugar should be checked entirely to keep the complication away during the delivery period. This way, it is easier for you to keep track whether or not your treatment regimen for gestational diabetes is successful.
It even has average glucose computations and charts so that you can easily determine the effectiveness of your diet plan, exercise regimen, and medications.

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