Avalon Felicity deck plans review will show you the current position of Avalon Felicity cruise ship, actual location of cabins and facilities by deck.
The Avalon ship Felicity is an innovative as technology vessel with modern design and engineering. All onboard public spaces are spacious, with floor-ceiling large windows on two of the three cabin decks. All accommodations are well appointed and stylishly furnitured, English-speaking staff provides high quality service.
Note: Below you can see Avalon Felicity ship deck layouts (cabins and facilities location) in size restricted by page width.
Service and storage spaces – forward are located water ballast tanks, bow thruster room (propulsion unit), dry store, fresh water tanks. The Felicity Dining Room operates with an open-seating arrangement (no table reservations needed). Sapphire Deck cruise cabins from 201 to 230, all of which are French Balcony rooms in the categories A (x18) and B (x12). The service area (aft location) has two laundry rooms, a linen storage room, the ship’s engine room. This is a VesselFinder tracker for ms Avalon Felicity current position (location now) tracking MMSI number 211479640. You can share our Avalon Felicity cruise ship deck plans review via our social media buttons.
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