Peeling, cooking in water, cooking over excessive heat, boiling and draining are food preparation enemies that can reduce the natural vitamin and mineral content of our foods.
To melt belly fat, you can try this simple diet plan that has been followed by several Indians. The healthy meal plan is something that you can definitely try in order to see significant changes. To follow the Mediterranean diet, you need to consume a lot whole grains, lean protein, fish, fruits, vegetables and pasta.
The Vegan Diet lasts for about two weeks and helps you shed weight within a small period of time. Avoid the use of high cholesterol fats and cooking oils which add unwanted fat and calories. This one has been inspired by the eating habits that have been followed in countries such as Spain and Greek. Foods retain moisture and valuable vitamins and minerals as they literally baste in their own natural juices.

Most diet plans that come these days can definitely help you shed a lot of weight within a short period of time.
We have come up with some of the best foods that you can incorporate in your diet to say goodbye to belly fat and live a life that is active, fit and full of fun. You should have a proper and healthy breakfast and consists of fruits, oats, eggs or cornflakes. You can have steamed vegetable tortillas for breakfast, two cups of green beans and some soup.
So next time you are feeling hungry despite knowing that it isn’t your meal time, grab a handful of almonds and eat them.
In fact, if you speak to a fitness expert, they will always tell you about the health benefits that apples contain.
Doing this shall help you not only see a significant change in your body but also burn belly fat.
They will burn belly fat and will never make you feel bloated or lethargic after consumption.

For lunch, you can two chapattis with some fish curry, some spinach and a bowl full of dal. You can have lassi and cream cracker for snacks again and end the day with brown rice and chicken.
This is about eating an apple, three ounces of any meat, one banana and half a cup of green beans.
This plan will last for three days a week and the rest of the days you can follow a healthy 1500 calorie diet.

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