You have been stuck at the same weight for a week or more now and you finally admit to yourself that you’ve hit a plateau. Usually a plateau hits because you’re eating just enough calories to keep your weight where it is. Instead of reaching for the salt shaker try adding flavor to your food with herbs and vegetables. Places like Sam’s Club and Costco are famous for offering samples to entice customers to buy certain products.
Researchers have identified a ‘tipping point’ when our resolve goes out the window, and we eat and drink more than we intended. By providing your email address above you agree to the Good Housekeeping Terms and Conditions. Stave off afternoon hunger pangs without widening your waist.Click through for 25 of our favourite healthy sweet and savoury recipes you can snack on between meals. Here at Visit My Smokies, we subscribe to the philosophy that if you’re taking a vacation, you should also take a vacation from your diet!
Picking up some donuts is the perfect way to start a day of legendary eating in the Smokies. Another great place to find a sweet morning treat is Sevierville’s Courthouse Donuts. Anyone who has been to the Smoky Mountains knows that pancakes are kind of a big deal here. Nothing says “summer fun” quite like a corn dog, and no one makes a corn dog quite like the  folks at Fannie Farkle’s. Although she may not be as famous as Paula Deen, the namesake of Mama’s Farmhouse was another Southern chef extraordinaire.
For more information about all of the best places to eat in the Smoky Mountains, check out our guide to Dining in the Smokies!
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They offer a false sense of being able to have a sinful little taste treat without the guilt.
When you diet nonstop, or have just fruit and salads all the time, you can burn out on dieting. On the weekend is usually the best time to take a break because of increased social functions.

The Smoky Mountain area offers so many delicious dining options that it would be a crime to skip all of the Southern fried goodness.
If you’re determined to pack as much food into your day as humanly possible, wake up early and head over to the Donut Friar any time after 5 a.m.
As the area’s only Design-Your-Own-Donut Shop, this unique cafe gives guests their choice of donuts, icings, toppings, and sauces. There are dozens of of flapjack joints in the area, each with their own secret recipes and specialities. Their famous foot long “Ogle Dogs” are prepared the old fashioned way, right before your eyes.
Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen in Pigeon Forge has you covered. The Johnson Family’s Great-Grandmother (known as “Mama”) wrote some of the best recipes around, and now her descendants carry on her legacy by serving up three meals a day of delicious food.
This classic parlor offers traditional flavors and special varieties of ice cream you won’t find anywhere else, like Biscuits ‘n Honey, Oat Mill Cream Pie, and Whiskey Ribbon. Most products you buy at the grocery store already have sodium in them to serve as a preservative. The problem is that most people drown their salad with salad dressing ending up with salad soup. The information on this site is designed to support, not replace the relationship between a patient and their doctor.
It can make us consume an average of 26 380 extra kilojoules that same evening and the next day. So turn off your Fitbit, loosen your belt, and savor all of the mouthwatering food at the best places to eat in the Smoky Mountains. Located in The Village in downtown Gatlinburg, this popular shop will lure you inside with the irresistible smell of freshly made donuts, pastries, and cinnamon bread. Crowd pleasing donut creations include the Peanut Butter Cup Donut, the Banana Pudding Donut, and the Smoky Mountain S’Mores Donut.
For a detailed look at the region’s best hotcakes, check out these 4 Places to Eat Pancakes in the Smoky Mountains That Are Worth Getting Out of Bed For. An Ogle Dog is the perfect snack to enjoy as the kids play Skee Ball, Pac Man, and all of the classic games at this restaurant’s arcade. Be sure to come hungry, because all of the food is served family style with portions fit for a king.

Mama’s Farmhouse is an all-you-can-eat family style restaurant, so guests can enjoy plate after plate of down home favorites like buttermilk biscuits, country fried steak, and honey-glazed ham. In addition to over 40 flavors of handmade ice cream, The Creamery also offers homemade apple cinnamon bread, cookies, brownies, cobbler, and more. Be sure to stop by The Old Mill Candy Kitchen next door to pick up some fudge, brittle, taffy, or another treat to take home. When you’re losing weight your metabolism naturally slows down because of the body’s survival mechanism to hold on to calories when there is a calorie deficit. Paying attention to the sodium content on the nutrition label will help you keep track of how much you’re consuming. What the distributors of the 100 calorie snacks don’t tell you is that you may be eating more than 100 calories. Physically when your body burns out on dieting it enters a starvation mode and hordes every calorie you give it because it doesn’t know when it will be fed again. Another fact is taking a break from dieting once a week actually speeds up your metabolism giving it the calorie burning power it needs for another successful week of weight loss.
It’s easy to see why Fannie Farkle’s is one of the best places to eat in the Smoky Mountains! Guests can sample some of Deen’s most famous dishes, including her Best Ever Southern Fried Chicken, Cheesy Meatloaf, and Ooey Gooey Butter Cake.
Dessert at The Creamery is the perfect follow up to a meal at the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant & Grill, which is located steps away in the Apple Barn Village. This will control how much dressing you put on your salad and make sure you have just enough for taste. Food companies have been known to not to put completely accurate information on nutrition labels. When you sample one thing you might have seconds and end up buying the sampled item for dinner.
Also, having a 100 calorie snack pack of Oreo cookies can contributes to cravings which in turn may increase your appetite causing you to eat other foods off the diet. As you stroll through the grocery store isle and see several sampling opportunities just remember by the time you are finished having “just a bite” of everything there is to sample you could very easily have just consumed 100 calories you didn’t plan on eating.

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