My diet tips for women center on eating more consciously, making good food choices, and getting regular exercise.
You can lose belly fat, look better and feel better just by adhering to a few sensible strategies. It took several years for you to put on extra weight, and it will take both TIME and diligent EFFORT to get rid of belly fat and thigh fat.* There is NO place in your fat loss plan for dangerous drugs or practices that are not sensible.
Looking online for the best fat loss pills will only take focus away from gaining the awareness you need to make fat loss permanent.* Your present diet must be restructured.

It is now time to get sugar foods, junk foods, oily foods, and chemical-laden processed foods OUT of your diet. Have you tried other diets that were filled with promises, yet left you discouraged because you failed to see the same results? Start eating foods as close to their natural state as you can.* Find your Basic Metabolic Rate and start establishing a SLIGHT calorie deficit each week.* EAT CONSCIOUSLY!
Have you actually lost a good deal of weight, yet saw it return when you could not sustain the "diet" you were on?Sadly, this is a recurring story.

Ask yourself, "Will this food help me build lean muscle tissue to increase my metabolism and energy, or will it be stored as fat on my waist and hips?"* Be active everyday.
Fitness, like weight loss, must be progressive.There is nothing magic in these strategies, just making a commitment to yourself that you will now lead a more positive lifestyle.

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