I typically monitor my fat loss by taking a simple stomach circumference measurement with a tape measure each week to make sure what I’m doing is inducing a loss in body fat every 7 days or so. A while back I purchased a set of body fat calipers as a way to get an idea of my body fat percentage. Just out of curiosity I busted ’em out today to see what my current body fat percentage is.
Most of my research has shown that men will typically have visible abs at around 15% body fat. My caliper measurement confirmed my estimate by indicating that I currently have a body fat percentage of approximately 14 percent. Besides now knowing my body fat percentage, I’m glad I took the time to measure it, because it sparked the opportunity to realize my next goal… Get below 10% body fat! Whether your goal is to add 20lbs to your bench press, lose 30 pounds of fat, or whatever else, you need to decide what it is you want to accomplish, develop a plan to accomplish it and stay committed until you’ve achieved your goal.
Before setting out to reach my goal of getting below 10% body fat I wanted to quickly calculate how much fat I’d need to lose to get there. My latest photo within that posting shows me at 183lbs with decent muscle definition and visible abs.
So, I’m going to use my 185lb starting point to get an idea of what my weight will need to be to get below 10% body fat. After taking a quick break from writing, I just created a simple spreadsheet to approximate what my body fat percentage will be as I continually lose fat. As you can see from the shot on the left, I’ll need to lose about nine pounds to get below 10% body fat.
Note that you’ll have to know your starting weight and body fat percentage to use it.
Once you know your body weight and body fat percentage you can simply enter them into the green cells at the top of the spreadsheet and the rest of the calculations will be done for you so you can get an idea of how much fat you need to lose to reach a certain body fat percentage. If you want to carry the calculation out further, simply highlight the 3 cells in the bottom row and drag them down accordingly. Back in April I attended a strength and conditioning workshop put on by Jason Ferruggia at Renegade Gym in Watchung, NJ. At the time of reading the book I was in the middle of my five month transformation and following the diet that’s part of the system I developed for getting ripped.
Since I already knew from past experience that my system was extremely effective at inducing the results I desired, I decided to stick with it. After I achieve my goal, I’ll be writing a detailed review of The Renegade Diet for this site.

My weight training will be typical of what I usually do: 5 sets of each lift, train to failure, train each muscle group every 3-4 days, do 20-30 minutes of cardio after weight training, etc. The only thing I’m planning to do differently is to integrate more high intensity interval cardio into my training.
I recently posted an article, in which I facetiously claim to end the cardio debate once and for all, and also give some interesting insights as to my take on the different methods of using cardio to lose body fat. As long as my body fat is being reduced on a weekly basis I’m not going to get too caught up in how long it takes me to reach my goal of getting below 10% body fat. Especially since I’m going to be careful not to restrict my calories to a significant degree in order to prevent muscle loss. Update: Click here to read my update and see how I achieved my goal of getting below 10% body fat sooner than expected. It seems like every week a new Superhero movie or TV show comes out with some unknown actor or actress popping on the scene with a super lean and ripped body like a Greek god or goddess. Although this may seem tough, keeping these items out of your body will allow your blood sugar levels to stabilize.
Instead, focus your meals on eating high quality proteins, lots of fruits and veggies, healthy fats, and some starchy carbs like potatoes, yams, beans, rice, and oats. Some approved dairy over the next 30-days will be grass fed butter and cheese, Kifir, greek yogurt, and full-fat cream (for coffee, if needed). If you need a full 30-day diet plan, please go pick up my Daily Shred Diet Here and follow that! Now that we got the boring stuff out of the way (nutrition), let’s get to the fun part of the 30-days… The workouts!
Over the next 30-days, your goal is to workout 5-days per week with 2-days rest in between. Now before some of you check out and think that you don’t have time to workout 5-days a week, the workouts over these next 30-days will only last 10-25 minutes in length and all of them can be done right at home.
Option #1: Focus on progressing on the 5-exercises (and variations) below over the next 30-days. What you will do for your strength workouts is choose 5-10 exercises per workout, and perform 30-60 seconds on each exercise resting only when needed. Option #2: Go pick up a copy of my Superhero Body program and go through Phase One of the program <=Phase One is 100% bodyweight! Below we will quickly go over 3 simple tricks you can do in order to burn fat faster in the next 30-days. I have just given you a step-by-step plan on how YOU can lose 3% body fat in the next 30-days.

Start today and in 30-days from now, don’t be surprised when you start looking like the next on-screen Superhero!
Welcome to Fat Burning Workouts HQ We have everything you need to start burning fat faster than you thought possible. I used them a few times and they’ve been in a cabinet in my dining room collecting dust since then. Since I typically don’t monitor my body fat percentage, I only had a vague idea of what to expect, based on more research than first hand experience. Since my abs are easily visible, I expected to have a body fat percentage of slightly lower than 15%.
In that posting I provided an overview of my latest 5 month fat to ripped transformation, along with my transformation photos. They are easy to use, affordable (get a set for around $5 on Amazon) and come with a chart that will tell you exactly how to use your measurements to determine your body fat %. But I made a mental note to give the instructions in Renegade Diet a try at a more opportune time. This is more for the cardiovascular benefit than the fat loss benefit, and also because my elliptical and treadmill cardio workouts are starting to get redundant and boring. I will be working on a transformation of my own in the coming months and you will be the expert that I turn to for guidance. For example, a Monday-Friday workout schedule while taking the weekends off works perfectly. Now the key to all of this over these next 30-days is to make sure that you are getting STRONGER each and every workout. When you do that same exercise again, you better be getting at least 41 pushups so that you beat your previous score. Please use your real name (or a nickname) as using a business name or keyword will be considered spam and be automatically deleted. I’ve heard all of these mentioned by one or more of the ripped celebrities you see on the big screen, so you know they work.
And what you will find, is that when you do them, your results will fly higher than Superman.

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