Lunch: 300 calories of sunflower seeds, two cups broccoli, 1 red pepper, 2 tbsp coconut oil, 1 bar of 99% Lindt dark chocolate.
Supper: 7 oz salmon, 2 tbsp ghee, 2 cups broccoli, 2 cups coconut milk, 1 scoop vega protein powder. Drastic caloric restrictions would make it difficult to sleep, as would intermittent fasting. The addiction of dark chocolate has been one of the biggest factors in decreasing my hunger. I have found the Now brand (50 billion) curbed my hunger a bit, but I’m now using a shelf-stable one from Healthy Origin, with 30 billion. If probiotics are not shelf stable, they can lose a lot of their potency in the shipping process.6. Working on overall health, which includes aiming for eight hours of sleep, meditating (30-40 minutes per day), and journaling.7.
I used cron-o-meter to track my energetic intake, and would enter the caloric totals into an excel spreadsheet.
I will often go back and review my spreadsheet when I find myself getting off track, so I can refer to what was working.9. Now that I’ve balanced my diet, I am aware of the intense cravings and preoccupation that certain foods could trigger. This means that I have to eliminate “safe” or healthy foods from my diet, as they are difficult to moderate.10. Through the internet I was able to work with several nutrition specialists who were helpful in different ways. I would recommend finding someone who seems to be into self-experimentation and has a genuine passion for healthy living. Some of the people I consulted with: Jolene Park, Cristi Vlad, Stephanie Person, and Joseph Cohen.
Glucomannan (Now brand) did help curb the hunger, but it left me feeling gassy and bloated. I have spent thousands of dollars on supplements over the past few years, and most have not made much of a difference on my energy levels or hunger.2.

They did help curb my hunger initially and improve my sleep, but this only lasted for two months. However, I lost a lot of hair a few months later and wondered if this hair loss (telogen effluvium) was due to the shock of fasting to my body.4. After reading about the research on protein restriction and longevity, I decided to increase the fat in my diet and decrease the protein.
A few years ago I tried eating a plant-based diet after watching the documentary, Forks Over Knives.
I was eating 300 g of carbs per day, and would eat cups of carrots and ranch dressing after dinner.6. In the spring of 2015 I became frustrated with my lack of weight loss and decided that I was going to “white knuckle” it through caloric restriction.
Although it was easier than I had anticipated, I ended up binging one day after a night of poor sleep and eventually gained all of the weight I had lost back.A few Other Points…7. From January – March 2015 I religiously tracked my blood ketosis levels, and found that higher numbers did not correlate with lower hunger. There are a lot of benefits to ketosis, which include more energy and clarity of thought.8.
I wish I could show you some pictures of a svelte figure, but the truth is that I would like to lose about 10 more pounds. Also, minor transgressions in my diet can lead to quick weight gain, and this phenomenon seems to get worse every year!9. I have tried many recommendations over the past year, and implemented too many changes too quickly. Change is much slower than we think it is!It is important to note that everyone’s body is different. Be your own scientist.I consider my eating and health to be an ongoing project with ups and downs. This year, my focus is going to be on maintaining the positive eating changes I have developed, as well as turning my focus more to helping others and addressing deeper personal issues.A note on my picture. When I tell people about my weight loss struggles, people sometimes say, “I don’t think you have a weight problem.” While it’s true that I do not carry a lot of extra weight, before changing to a low-carb diet, I would be constantly battle with urges to overeat because of the false hunger.

Also, I wanted to highlight that the amount of weight I lost in the first six months of a low-carb diet (which was about 10 lbs, some of it water and muscle), took me 10 years to do on other traditional diets. With the low-carb diet, I was actually able to see some progress.In solidarity,Christina BCommentCongratulations, Christina! And thank you for sharing what you learned.Try It YourselfDo you want to try a low-carb diet yourself? Before and after photos are great for making your story concrete and relatable to other people. To me Christina looks too skinny in the picture to the right, although I can't be a fair judge from only one picture.Reply to comment #2 by Stealth4murrayJanuary 22 1I don't see convincing evidence of either a food addiction or putting health at stake. I sense a person who is determined to achieve a body weight goal within normal range, with no signs of harm caused by the measures taken. Kudos to Christina's open mind, rational inquiry, persistence and measurable progress.Many say focusing so much on food and exercise is obsessive-compulsive and creates an unhealthy relationship with food. If it were interfering with her career, then yes, persisting for the last several pounds of surplus body weight might be an obsession disorder. If other goals are relatively unaffected, then no amount of persistence and concern with detail is a disorder. It's immensely helpful to read what your experiences have been - what works and doesn't work - even if it is unique to you. I too have about 10 pounds to lose, and it's been very difficult using the standard American diet esp as I reach my late 30's. I'm grateful that I don't have more to lose, but few people understand the frustration of struggling with the last stubborn pounds.

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