How calories burn gym machines, Before excited calories pound joints treadmill burn calories stationary bike.. Although they’re probably your favorite accessory, sunglasses are not simply a fashion statement. The American Academy of Ophthalmology advocates wearing sunglasses anytime you’re outdoors. Lens material is a huge factor when considering what to purchase, and cost does have an effect. Glass.Glass lenses will provide the most clarity and superior scratch-resistance, but they will spider upon impact so durability is low. Polycarbonate.This lens material is one of the strongest and safest materials on the market for sunglasses. SR-91.Exclusively featured in the high end line, Kaenon, These lenses are synthetic glass and as strong as polycarbonate. You want sunglasses that are fashionable— but they should also provide maximum UV protection for your eyes and fit your lifestyle. The major difference between polarized and non-polarized lenses is that polarized lenses will block out glare from light reflecting off other surfaces.

This entry was postedon Monday, September 1st, 2014 at 3:28 pmand is filed under Front Page, Outdoor Adventure Guide, Outdoors. They provide some serious protection from the sun and it’s potentially harmful UV rays. A performance oriented brand such as the Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL sunglasses (below) have a more spherical lens and curved frame to prevent light from shining in the sides. We get 75-80% of our UV exposure before we turn 18, so children and teens have a big need to protect their eyes from the sun. The three things to consider when comparing brands is scratch resistance, durability (shatterproofness), and clarity.
Glass is best for casual wear, and for fishing because there isn’t an inherent risk of impact in these activities. It’s low cost, light weight, and impact resistance make it still popular today for manufacturers. Polycarbonate lenses are ideal for sports and other activities where there is a possibility of high impact to the eyes because of their shatterproofness.
To pick your next pair of shades worry less about how “good they look, and more on finding a mix of style and performance, while lending some serious protection.

This design protects your eyes from debris during activities such as mountain biking and hiking.More casual sunglasses will have a straight frame and flatter lens such as the Electric AV2 sunglasses. It is important to wear sunglasses from an early age, in the summertime, near the beach or water, at high elevations, or even participating in snow sports. However, this durable resin is prone to scratching, and is still not as strong as polycarbonate. Removing the glare will reduce strain on the eyes, provide better clarity and helps you perform better by removing light distractions.Oakley Polarized Tinfoil SunglassesHowever, there are some activities where polarized lenses will be detrimental to your performance and possibly hazardous.
In the snow you do not want a polarized lens because the removal of the glare from light reflecting off the ice will make it very difficult to tell the difference between ice and snow.There is a significant difference between premium polarized sunglasses and low end polarization. This methods is much lower quality, and prone to cracking and delamination.Premium polarized lenses will not use adhesive if the blocking medium is layered with the lens, and in other cases like Oakley, the polarization will be integrated into the lens material, providing greater clarity.
Good Sports is dedicated to carrying premium polarized lenses as an investment in your eyes; a pair of quality sunglasses can last years if you care for them.

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