Dani Arbuckle is a successful business writer with expertise in general management and strategic management. Latin dance forms like salsa, cha-cha, reggaeton, and rumba involve a lot of fast footwork. Hip Hop dance moves involve fast movements that burn approximately 446 calories in an hour, for a person weighing 155 pounds.
Though ballroom dance is not considered by many as an exercise, but the workout develops the muscles on the legs and back.
These dance moves not only offer you a slim and trim tummy, but give some additional physical and psychological benefits as well.
Arbuckle is also an active runner and marathoner who writes extensively on running and other sports. At this rate you would need to do belly dancing workouts adding up to 17 hours to lose 1 pound.

This energetic and aggressive dance form involves moves like locking, breaking, popping, hip isolations, hopping, quick turns, and shoulder shrugs.
You will enjoy an improved muscle tone, increased flexibility, better coordination, increased self confidence, and reduced susceptibility to various diseases like heart disease, osteoporosis, and so on.
You can try out some cool dance moves that would reduce your belly fat within a few months.
It would work even on the deep transverse abdominals, where it becomes very hard to reduce even through rigorous exercises. A person weighing 150 pound will be able to burn about 500 calories per hour, through these dance moves. Adding exercise, like belly dancing, to your routine will increase your calorie burn and help you lose fat from your entire body, including your belly.
You will be able to burn around 300 calories per hour, which can increase if you gradually move onto a higher intensity.

You can reduce the body fat specifically from the abdomen through some fast-paced dance moves. Some dance moves like figure eights, hip rolls, and so on target the lower back and abdominal muscles right to the core. If you can practice this dance moves at least for 10 minutes in a day, incorporating moves like hip circle, rib slide, belly roll, and camel, it would give you a complete toning result in the abdomen.

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