Cathe Friedrich - Does Eating a Clean Diet Change Gut Bacteria That Control Your Body Weight? In another study, researchers transplanted gut bacteria from humans into mice that lacked gut bacteria. People who are obese have a different composition of gut bacteria relative to people of normal weight.
When you take antibiotics, it throws off the balance of good bacteria versus bad bacteria in your gut.
If researchers are able to identify the best bacterial composition for maintaining a healthy weight, they may be able to custom formulate probiotics that address the issue of weight control.
Changing what and how we eat isn’t solely about losing weight and looking good, although the diet books would like to have you believe that. Thanks to industrial agriculture, you’re not paying the true costs of most food at the checkout. We Americans love speed and efficiency, but when it comes to food, that has proved to be a lethal combination. This is the latest installment of Anna Brones’ weekly column at EcoSalon: Foodie Underground, an exploration of what’s new and different in the underground movement, and how we make the topic of good food more accessible to everyone. This entry was posted in Food and tagged Eating, food, Foodie Underground, health, healthy eating, how to eat healthy. When Greensource, one of the largest suppliers of organic cotton apparel production in the world launched its private label organic jean line at Kmart and Wal-Mart this month, I became skeptical. In thinking about salad greens we know and love, and those we don’t know so well but might also love, I wondered how best to compare them. From Cap’N Crunch creme brulee to emu burgers, some of the most delicious and weirdest food truck dishes.  Is there anything better than a food truck? In an age of coffee pit stops and grab-n-go meals, the idea of a slow and proper tea served from VivaTerra’s elegant pedestal stand sounds like a real treat. It’s not surprising these gut bacteria affect digestion and how you absorb certain nutrients but there’s growing evidence they play a role in body weight too – and changing your gut bacteria could be as simple as changing your diet. The mice that received the gut microbes from the obese human twin gained body weight to the point of becoming obese, while the mice transplanted with bacteria from the lean twin remained slim and trim. They put mice that had received gut microbes from the obese twin in with mice that received microbes from the thin twin. At least in mice, eating a healthy diet alters the composition of gut flora, increasing the proportion of gut bacteria that help to promote leanness – even in mice that had obesity-prone gut bacteria to begin with. Afterwards, they switched them from a mostly plant-based diet to a diet rich in fats and sugar, typical of the processed food diet many people in Western countries eat. It’s hard to draw definite conclusion since this was a mouse study but it’s possible you can change your gut bacteria to ones that help with fat loss by changing the composition of your diet.

Obese humans tend to have more bacteria from a phylum called Firmicutes, while their more slender counterparts have more Bacteroidetes bacteria.
That’s why it’s common for people to develop diarrhea and other intestinal symptoms when they’re taking them. Until then, you have another means of changing your gut bacteria for the better – eat a clean diet, one rich in fruits and vegetables and low in sugar, processed carbs and unhealthy fats.
We chose to ignore how our actions affect those around us, our community at large and the environment.
Navigating a healthy relationship with food involves thinking about what makes your body feel good, but also what benefits your friends, family and neighbors, and even people on the other side of the world. If you’re in an economic situation to do so, then put your money where your mouth is and pay for the things that have all the costs accounted for. In Western countries we’re consuming up to 150 pounds of refined sugar a year, and all that sugar is linked to obesity, cancer and beyond.
Maybe if we put more time into appreciating what we’re eating and more time preparing, we would have a better connection to it. The only industry more profitable than agribusiness in the United States is pharmaceuticals.
It’s the season for music festivals, that special time of the year when thousands of revelers crowd into grassy outdoor venues each weekend for multi-day, multi-act celebrations of rhythm, art, and food.
From fish oil, to updated Seafood Watch recommendations, here’s a sampler platter of recent food news morsels. To get a better idea, they took gut bacteria from human twins, one of whom was obese and the other slender, and transferred the bacteria into the intestines of mice raised in a sterile environment with no gut bacteria of their own. In fact, the mice with the gut bacteria from the obese twin put on almost 17% more body fat. They wanted to see if the mice live in the same environment whether it would alter their gut microbe composition and body weight.
One study showed that Bacteroidetes species increase linearly in the gut as weight loss progresses.
Far from being passive, there bacteria synthesize vitamins such as vitamin K, biotin and folate, keep disease-causing bacteria in check, break down undigested carbohydrates and help with nutrient absorption.
Interestingly, food producers give antibiotics to livestock to maximize their size and weight.
It’s not clear whether supplementing with probiotic bacteria impacts weight since no one knows what the ideal combination of gut bacteria is for weight control. You’ll take in fewer calories, have a more favorable metabolic profile and more gut microbes to help keep obesity in check.
You need to be eating a balanced diet all the time, and that doesn’t necessarily mean packing your breakfast with some exotic seed from the Southern hemisphere.

The proof that our food system is broken is that we have to petition not to have this stuff in our food. However, I’m not quite sure I’d even fork over that amount, measly it may be, for the above egg nest featured in a March 1977 publication of Homemakers. And if you’ve been wondering why red snapper is so expensive and hard to find, it’s on its way out too. Make this vegan cornbread recipe with mesquite flour and fresh sage to serve for summer breakfasts, snacks, lunches or with dinner.
Does a shift in gut microbes contribute to their expansion in size and weight – and do we absorb enough antibiotics when we eat meat to change our own gut bacteria? Taking a probiotic with the wrong combination of gut bacteria may actually promote weight gain. He is known for brewing batches for way too long –aboveand beyond the recommended steeping time,resulting in the kind of strong,black tea that is on the verge of undrinkable. Obese mice that ate a diet rich in vegetables and fruits and low in saturated fat developed favorable changes in their gut bacteria. Some are less efficient so there are more wasted calories that don’t end up on your waistline.
There are many things that need to change, but one of the easiest things to change that we have control over, and that has a lot of impact, is what we eat.
In addition, they stopped gaining weight and developed a better metabolic profile and less insulin resistance. Interestingly, one theory as to why gastric bypass surgery works for weight loss is it alters gut bacteria. Gut bacteria stimulate lymph tissue within the gut so that it produces antibodies against pathogenic bacteria. The surgery seems to shift the balance of bacteria in the gut so that there’s a predominance of gut bacteria that promote leanness rather than obesity. Geographic location and the environment you’re exposed to is another but this is also influenced by diet.
As this and other studies suggest, you can change the composition of your gut bacteria by changing your diet.

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