Zantrex 3 Side Effects Review- Does This Fat Burner Cause Problems?Are headaches and rapid heart rate deal breakers? After hearing numerous dieters asking about potential problems with Zantrex 3 we decided to take a close look at Zantrex 3 side effects. EDITOR'S TIP: Combine Zantrex 3 Side Effects with a proven fat burner such as Leptigen for better results.
First off, Zantrex 3 is a fat burner with guarana seed, yerba mate, trimethylxanthine (caffeine), green tea leaf, kola seed and more.
The product, offered up by Zoller Laboratories, is made from all-natural ingredients, always something to look up to.
We looked for research into Zantrex 3 but the only study we found did not have a link so dieters can’t read the complete report. If you’re at the point you want to lose more weight, our suggestion is to try out a supplement that’s backed by clinical research to help you lose more without the risk of side effects. Plus, the company that makes Leptigen is confident in the supplement, so they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, a good sign. Important Information On ECA Fat BurnerECA is an abbreviation for Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin.
Caffeine, which is the second ingredient is a very popular stimulant found in drinks such as coffee.  It boosts the effectiveness of ephedrine by stimulating and increasing the effects triggered by ephedrine, hence causing augmented quantities of fat burn. Aspirin is the last component and its role is to prevent blood clotting (a possible side effect of ephedrine) and also help in ephedrine’s signal transduction through prostaglandin inhibition.

In addition, ECA fat burner can act as an appetite suppressant for several individuals by curbing hunger pangs for extended periods. Ephedrine’s side effects are very few; they include a mild increase in blood pressure as well as an increase in particular blood limits like glucose and insulin.
Almost everyone uses caffeine and its potential side effects have been documented; the odds of all of them affecting you are very slim to none. Just like any other supplement, no results can be realized without an appropriate diet and exercise routine. We found positives, like a strong BBB rating and some supportive customer reviews, but we can’t recommend a supplement that is not clinically proven. This product comes with a proprietary blend of four ingredients shown in published clinical research to help boost metabolism and spark fat loss. It is a stack that comprises of the three components, and separately, the three have very little effect on weight loss. There are some people who simply use a mixture of ephedrine and caffeine and leave out aspirin. According to researches, it can trigger a metabolic increase of up to 10% resulting into a substantial amount of additional fat being burned. Getting rid of those cravings can assist one to stick to a diet plan and this can make the main aspect of weight loss easier. Some of the more common initial ones include problems with sleep, faster heartbeat, anxiety, irritability, and dizziness in varying levels.

When it comes to enhancing fat loss, ECA fat burner has been shown to be very effective when combined with a caloric deficit and regular resistance training. And I tried to work out today and felt like I was going to pass out when I finished,” said a dieter. A study published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements reported some rather bad side effects. We’re also concerned by the headaches, jitters and increased heart rate reported by dieters using the formula. However, when combined together, they form a powerful concoction which, according to studies can accelerate metabolism.
It affects the body in two ways; first of all, it makes it burn bigger amounts of fat for fuel and energy, and secondly, it raises the body’s base temperature, and this causes an increase in metabolism that can be as high as 5% in some individuals. It can make it easier for you to adhere to your food intake goals by helping suppress appetite, provide you with extra energy to enable you push further with your exercises, and augment the amount of fat your body torches as you rest.
A certain research established that ECA may lead to a further 2.2lb (1 Kg) of fat being burned each month of dieting.

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