By this point, you probably already know about Beachbody, the company that put out the P90x and P90x2 workouts. The whole Insanity Workout revolves around a new concept in exercise called Max Interval Training.
I think a lot of women hear how intense these workouts are and they wonder if they’re going to be tough enough to handle them. As one final point to prove this workout is for any gender, if you watch the videos, you’ll see that about half the people doing the workout behind Shaun T.
A couple of my friends were worried that the level of intensity would make them super-ripped and overly muscular, which isn’t the kind of body all women are going for. I know this isn’t a terribly in depth Insanity Workout review for women, but I just wanted to really make it clear that this system is absolutely great for women as well as men. About Lisa ProstHi, I’m Lisa & together with my husband Brain I set up this website to help folks who want to get fit, lean or bulk up but without having to dramatically change your current lifestyle.
Hi, I have been a dancer and tumbler all my life, and as a result have very muscular thighs. Muscular thighs are typically the result of a lot of “power” moves that build fast twitch muscle fibers, versus the slow twitch muscle fibers built by endurance exercise. Because the Insanity Workout uses a brand new technique called Max Interval Training, it lets you burn the most stubborn fat that other workouts just aren’t capable of burning. If you take a look at some Insanity Workout results pictures, like the one below, you’ll see that results can be very dramatic. Because the program always has you working as hard as you can, you can see even better results if you do the whole 60 days again, as many times as you want.
I always considered myself fairly fit, and exercised more than most of my peers, but I could never get exactly where I wanted to be in terms of physical health. And even though it’s not a bulk building type of program like P90x or P90x2, my body looked absolutely cut! If you want more information about how the whole thing works, be sure to check out my longer Insanity Review where I go into depth about it.
About Brian ProstHi, I’m Brian & together with my wife Lisa I set up this website to help folks who want to get fit, lean or bulk up but without having to dramatically change your current lifestyle. Hey guys, my sister and I are 19 and 21 years old and we are almost done with month one of Insanity and have seen absolutely no results. I only lost 14 pounds which was under my goal but really not bad at all So much better than other workouts I’ve tried and I’m planning on starting another round in a week! The average weight loss for anyone actually doing the workouts on the recommended schedule is about 1-2 pounds per week. I’m a woman and not that interested in the overly-muscular, ripped look, especially like a 6-pack abs or anything.
Well when I did it the first couple weeks I felt practically dead after doing the workouts lol!

Shaun T.’s technique of Max Interval Training is actually designed specifically to prevent that from happening! Probably, if you’re watching the scale you should find you’ve lost a pound or two, and you’ll also almost certainly feel it in your muscles. It’s hard to believe how well this workout works despite not needing a bunch of equipment or some crazy diet. With incredible results, and photos to back them up, there are not many workouts that can get such results in only 60 days. If you are looking for the best fitness DVD for weight loss and muscle definition combined, Insanity should be number 1 on your shopping list. Of course it is really easy to sing the praises of a fitness workout but you need to see proof. A great way to measure how successful the workout has been for you is to take photos along the way. One of the showstoppers for getting in shape and improving fitness is the old favourite of lack of time. When you buy the Insanity Workout product you will receive many extras, not just a bunch of DVDs. The key to successfully completing this program is keeping motivated and inspired to workout when you need to.
It is essentially a 60 day wall calendar to guide you on what workouts you need to be doing each day. The calendar really is an essential part of the 60 day workout program and one that you should use to ensure you make it all the way through successfully. If you are you serious about getting in shape and taking it to the next level, then the Insanity Workout is definitely for you.
While this has a lot to do with genetics, and the amounts of both types of muscle fibers don’t really change over the course of a lifetime, you can alter their structure a bit, which means the type of endurance training that the Insanity Workout is all about can be very helpful in achieving your goal.
I’ll tell you, I saw visible results within just a couple weeks, but it’s a bit different when you start as a nearly-middle aged man!
I’d say you’re on the right track, and as long as you’re not overdoing it, you should be seeing some nice results shortly Keep in mind that Insanity can get pretty intense, so if you start feeling extra worn out throughout the day or you feel like your body isn’t repairing itself quickly enough, just dial it back a little. You do get kind of used to it though and your body does adjust and you’re able to do them better and not feel so tired.
I chose Insanity over P90X and I was actually very surprised with how muscular it made me look! The more you do the exercises, the more calories and fat you’ll burn, without hitting a plateau!
You should find that after the initial worn-out feeling you’re left with more energy than before.
Evidence that investing in this workout, not just financially, but also physically and mentally, will be worth your while.

It is in the high end but I don’t think it is overpriced for what you get given and what you get out of it. As you mark off the challenge day by day you will keep yourself on track and on the road to completing the whole challenge. Can you imagine if for some reason you start doing the wrong ones? You may end up targeting the wrong parts of your body and put unnecessary strain on them.
Let me tell you: if you have a basic level of fitness, and the willpower and drive to push yourself through it, you can have a NEW BODY IN JUST 60 DAYS! I don't know about you but I think these Insanity Workout results for men are pretty darn impressive! You have to be dedicated to the program and be prepared to push yourself beyond your comfort zone to reap the rewards of a lean and muscular body in such a short timeframe. You will not see much weight loss or improvement if you eat the wrong foods and too much of them. Not only that, the calendar also gives you advice and tips on how to perform the workouts correctly.
Still, I find this a little hard to believe, since most people, the ones who don’t give up immediately, see results quickly! Since Insanity is all about working at your own maximum capacity, it’s definitely possible to “fake it”, which would result in less impressive results.
I appreciate reading everyone elses inspirational comments and I will be sure to check back in! Insanity is a highly powerful program but you have to do all parts of it if you want to see results. Because of this, I figured I’d chime in with my own Insanity Workout review for women. A girl I work with (with no filter) told me how fat I am and also said, shouldn't my wife be gaining weight since she is pregnant, and not me.
You are going to be creating a lean and muscular body and we all know that muscle weighs more than fat. However, that said, the DVDs provide variety and inspiration which will really help you stick with it.
You get 10 fitness DVDS, a nutrition guide, a workout calendar, online motivation – when you break it down, yes it is fantastic value for money. It is only 60 days out of your life, and trust me, you’ll not want to go back to lazy days once you’ve accomplished 2 months on Insanity!
I really like that there is a timer ticking away at the bottom of the screen so you can see how much longer you have to do.

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