Married couples whose relationship ends in divorce typically suffer from a higher risk of heart attack than those who never divorce, according to a recent study. The 18-year study followed nearly 16,000 men and women, ages 45-80, who had been married at least once.
The study found women were slightly more affected than men, and are twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack after two or more divorces, than stably-married women. Make a point of doing some fun things for yourself — not only as a distraction, but as a way of renewing your physical and emotional energy. Jenna Beadle, health enews contributor, is a public affairs and marketing intern at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center in Normal, Ill. Researchers looking for risk factors of heart disease tested the lung function of 5115 young adults over the course of 20 years.
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The participants were interviewed every two years about their marital status and current health. Divorced men typically have the same amount of risk as those who stay married, but their level of risk went up after two or more divorces. She is currently a senior public relations major at Illinois State University, with a minor in business administration. Tobacco smokers lost lung function over time, but pot users actually showed an increase in lung capacity.
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Jenna enjoys trying new recipes, volunteering at Wish Bone Canine Shelter, cheering on the Blackhawks and traveling.
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