Anatomists call it the body’s natural insulator; a warm coat that’s literally built out of burnable fuel. Yes, some body fat has its perks, but all you see when you look in the mirror is ripples, bumps and bulges. You sacrifice your temporary happiness for the ultimate goal…living your life free from extra pounds. The other three nutrients: vitamins, minerals and water are calorie-free, but you need them to convert calories into energy – that’s what metabolism is all about. You can lose weight if you eat only french fries, only lettuce, or only chicken as long as you’re eating a very low calorie diet. But once those calories are inside your belly, your body is going to handle them in wildly different ways. Amino acids are important little building blocks for all types of body tissues, so your body doesn’t like to burn them for fuel. Fatty acids recombine into triglycerides and get tucked away in your fat cells as a long-term energy source. Glycogen is stored glucose in your liver and muscles, it’s easy to access, but there’s not much there.
Body Fat is an efficient way to store energy, but the least accessible; think of body fat as the savings in your retirement account. Understanding this order of energy burning shows us that there are ways to manipulate the foods you eat and the ways you exercise to burn fat faster. Your blood is very picky about how much glucose it wants in your bloodstream; not too much, and not too little.
If your blood glucose level gets too high, insulin comes in and carries it off to your body cells for storage.

If your blood glucose level gets too low, glycogen from your muscle and liver cells is broken down to fill up the blood with glucose. When glucose and glycogen stores are gone, your liver can make glucose (gluconeogenesis), or burn body fat for energy. Without this quick energy source, your body will soon grow fatigued; it’s time to tap into your fat cells.
SCENE 2: The hormone changes in the blood tell the enzyme lipase to go to your fat cells and break the bonds that hold the triglyceride together.
Act 2 opens inside the body cell as the fatty acid encounters a character named Coenzyme A, or CoA for short.
SCENE 2: After a bunch of chemical shuffling, CoA combines with a couple of carbon units from the fatty acid and transforms into a new molecule called Acetyl CoA. As far as your body is concerned, breaking down fat for energy is much harder than breaking down glucose.
Now that you know your body will only burn fat when your blood glucose level is low, you can find ways to make this situation happen more often.
One word of warning: Push your body too hard by starving yourself, completely cutting out carbs or excessive exercise or it will push back and do bad things like cause relentless cravings, burn off your muscles instead of your fat, or ruin your kidneys. We all do a daily fast when we sleep, but extending that fast by a few hours, could boost your fat burning.
In my 4 Daily Habits for Faster Weight Loss, habit number four is to stop eating three hours before bedtime. If you stop eating 3 hours before bed; sleep for 8 hours, and eat breakfast 1 hour after getting up, that daily fast of 12 hours speeds up your fat loss. Even better, research shows that restricting your eating time to 12 or fewer hours a day helps you lose weight even without calorie restriction or weekend dieting.

If you have cereal for breakfast, and then two hours later have a donut followed a burger and fries for lunch, a Snicker’s bar in the afternoon, pizza for dinner, and ice cream for a bedtime snack, your insulin level is always elevated. Choose foods that do not spike your blood glucose level, and you’ll speed up your weight loss. It’s easy to create a meal plan that includes all of these fat burning foods, I show examples for both a 500 calorie a day diet and a 1200 calorie a day diet. I keep on top of current research through my work as an associate faculty professor at Ashford University and the University of Phoenix where I teach the Science of Nutrition, Health and Wellness. For someone who is used to having a snack before bed or eating breakfast earlier in the morning, would eating some nuts or seeds be a good idea to help reach that 12 hour night-time fasting period? As long as you’re restricting your eating to the 12-hour period, eating nuts and seeds is fine, and the healthy fats they contain should help keep hunger away.
About MeI keep on top of current research through my work as an associate faculty professor at Ashford University and the University of Phoenix where I teach the Science of Nutrition, Health and Wellness.
He’s tired of hoarding energy and wants to split up to share his energy with the rest of the body.
Your body must work to restore that lost glycogen, so the fat-burning effect is extended past the exercise session.
So, if you gain 5 pounds of muscle this year, you will be able to eat an additional 250 calories every day and never gain an ounce! Take the stairs a few times a day, and you’ll make it more likely that your body needs to tap into fat storage.

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