I do feel that some of the graphics were somewhat basic but at the end of the day the game did not disappoint when it came to the music, encouragement from the instructors and the full body workout it gave you.  With 30 different routines to get your teeth stuck into, the pounds will drop off without you even noticing as you groove and get down.  I also feel the Zumba Wii game would be perfect for parties and social gatherings, as what better way to get the party atmosphere going than with the mambo beats, which will get anyone up dancing! Zumba has become such a popular new craze that I believe this Wii game will be a huge success.  It gives you the opportunity to exercise whilst having fun and all of the Dancemania crew have certainly enjoyed using it.  If you are Zumba mad you could even play the game and attend the classes, think how fit and delicious you will look! When it comes to the clothing, check out our great selection of Pineapple wear, which is bright and beautiful and will make you stand out whilst shaking your hips. The bottom line is if you enjoy Zumba, you’re more likely to stick with it — and more likely to lose the extra weight and enjoy the benefits of aerobic exercise. Health BytesWhile many marathon runners may be preoccupied with shin splints, chafing and blisters come race day, one thing they may not consider is their bladder health. Fitness NewsResearchers at Mayo Clinic believe there is a link between these modifiable lifestyle factors and the biological processes of aging. Capoeira kids is an Awesome combination of martial arts,dance, acrobatics, culture, music and fun.
BOOTCAMP: An intense, fun, fast-paced class designed to condition your body like an athlete. It’s fun, fast paced and not at all time consuming as you can do a good workout in 20minutes, with a 5min cool down at the end.

It incorporates interval training (alternate high and low intensity moves), alternating fast and slow rhythms and fitness moves (like squats, chest press, trunk flexion, etc).
This means that there are slow and fast moves being incorporated to keep up with the music.
When an exercise routine becomes habitual and people enjoy it, this will bleed into other aspects of their lives that can further increase weight loss, such as diet.
The added stress on the body that comes with running a marathon can cause urinary stress incontinence problems during the race or down the road according to a study done at Loyola University Health System.
In a recent study, researchers demonstrated that a poor diet and lack of exercise accelerated the onset of cellular senescence and, in turn, made you age faster.
I wanted to try Zumba for ages but did not have the funds nor the confidence to go to a weekly class, so when this came out it was about perfect. The only difference – Zumba has a reputation of being easier to stick to because it is a fun way to work out. It is like a built in accountability factor that is going to make them stay on top of their eating habits and make only one trip to the buffet table instead of three. As well as it being fun to do and a great workout, it keeps me busy when the boyfriend is playing his Xbox so it’s happy people all round!!!!

Factor in very little recovery time between songs and the body has no choice but to continue burning a lot of calories.
This type of training has been known to burn more calories and also raise the body’s metabolism for hours after the workout.
I get to embarress myself in the safety of my own home, whilst working towards a target of losing the weight I want!!! The more vigorously you exercise the more calories you’ll burn— even if you increase intensity for just a few minutes at a time.
I definately recommend this game to anybody who wants to have a fantastic time getting fit, whether its by themselves or in a group!

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