Cristiano Ronaldo very low body fat percentage (%), as well as his tone muscles put him on the top of the list for any physique test we could think about. And then it started becoming evident that Cristiano Ronaldo body was building up and he would never had that skinny look from the first days in Manchester anymore. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
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Click here to sign up for the Oregon Wild Wood eNewsletter with new guitar sets and luthier woods featured. The skinny Portuguese boy that arrived at Manchester United with only 18 years old, couldn't even wear his Red Devil shirt without looking unadjusted on his first months in Manchester. Ronaldo jumps extremly high, he's one of the fastest players in the World and he certainly can handle defenders pushing, since he has a strong body that helps him keeping his balance when protecting the ball.

With a lot of dedication and will, Cristiano Ronaldo developped into one of the strongest bodies in the sport and he is these days a true prototype and model of what a complete athlete should be.

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