I need to drop the oil pan due to a hole in it (see pictures), but I'm debating what would be the easiest way (maybe neither ) dropping the suspension or lift the engine, I'll appreciated you suggestions and guidance. The subframe is possibly slightly easier, but you will be working on your back, and that can be painful. After raising the car *At Least* 18 inches (that's not hard either) there are only 7 (seven) points of contact (besides steering hoses and a few other bits) and the thing falls out onto the floor, so to speak.
Aluminum can easily be soldered if one keeps the heated solder under oil to keep air from it.

I usually wear them over gel nails and they honestly only last maybe 5 days on me this way so I needed to  figure out the easiest way to remove Jamberry nails without ruining my manicure underneath.
If the sump hole was created by an internal, to the sump, force then you have a nightmare in your hand. Dropping the front subframe may be another option but do not have experience (yet) with that.
Slide nail off and rub with a paper towel to remove any excess oil and adhesive residue.Voila!

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