Menstrual or period cramps are the pain that you get mostly in the abdomen or lower back while or before you are on your period. I know this will be the last thing you want to do during menstrual period, but trust me exercising will make you feel lot fresher and better. Hot water bottles are a rubber like bag in which you can pour boiling hot water and apply it on any part of the body. Drinking and smoking will only worsen your cramps as nicotine can cause increased tension and will narrow the blood vessels which ultimately increase the pain. Book yourself an appointment for aromatherapy massage and pamper yourself when on your period cramps.
Here are some easy ways to diminish the tiny vertical lines on your lips Exfoliate Exfoliating the lips, by sloughing off the damaged skin, stimulates regeneration of new skin cells. Moisturize To reduce appearance of fine lines on your lips make sure that your lips stay moist all the time. DIY Glycolic Acid Peel You can also get rid of the tiny vertical lines on your lips with the help of homemade glycolic acid peel. Washing hair regularly with a good shampoo is necessary to keep your locks clean, healthy and beautiful. Absolutely love coconut, and so with you on the home made chocolate, I need to buy more coconut oil so I can keep on making batches of it!
I tend to think that maple syrup and honey are ok in moderation, the issue people have with them is that they contain fructose, but so does fruit! Great tips, I do have quite a sweet tooth but am definitely going to try to swap fruit snacks for veggie ones.
That’s interesting that you get that craving in the morning, most people get it in the afternoon!
I love mint iced tea in the summer- I use two tea bags brewed in a cup, then add it to a jug with lots of cold water and leave that in the fridge- so delicious. Absolutely agree on the chocolate, one of the best things I did was going from milk to dark!
Today I am going to help you by giving you tricks that you can use during ‘that time of the month’ to reduce the cramps. Opt for either chamomile or ginger tea as they have anti-inflammatory properties that can ultimately get you rid of period pain and Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps. I find the hot water bottle method to be the most effective along with performing yoga practices.
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Glycolic acid, which occurs naturally in cane sugar, is a mild peeling agent that helps in shedding the upper layer of the skin. Brew up a strong mug of fruity herbal tea (try using 4 tea bags to 4 mugs worth of boiling water and let them sit overnight) refrigerate the cold tea and use in place of fruit squash or cordial.
Great ideas I am trying to cut back on sugar it creeps in so easily but it has got to be reduced my skin hates me! I’m (almost) sugar free using these sorts of tips, but it takes time, so be kind to yourself if you get lured in by the giant bar of chocolate, again! I am loving coconut water at the moment – so much more refreshing than fruit juices too.
I’ve definitely found eating more fat leaves me satisfied without needing a sweet fix and coconut is slightly sweet as well so it’s the perfect choice! I agree that just making your own things instead of pre bought things are better- eg soups. Hidden sugar is the worst, so you just have just have to be more aware of it and read labels all the time. Menstrual cramps are normal for most of the ladies and it happens due to the contraction in the uterus. Don’t take up intensive exercise but cardio like brisk walking, cycling, or any other mild physical activity will help you with the belly cramps.
You can also indulge yourself in a hot shower bath to feel relaxed and pain free and Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps. But before resorting to any such medicines do consult your doctor if it is a safe option for you or not.
So next time you are irritated with your menstrual cramps, do try this easy home remedies to feel better Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps.
We attempt to make an agreeable environment for our users, and make the universe of magnificence and beauty care products available in the hand of user. Although expensive cosmetic treatments such as lip augmentation, injecting fillers or laser treatment can reduce the fine lines, there are a number of inexpensive ways of erasing the fine lines naturally. Applying mashed ripe papaya on the lips, makes the lips moist and soft and reduces appearance of fine lines.
Avocado adds a delicious creaminess to smoothies as well as making them more filling, without the need for quite so much fruit. Jarred pasta and curry sauces always contain unneeded added sugar and other artificial ingredients and preservatives.

If the idea of reducing the sweet foods you eat is a bit scary, crowd out the sugar by focusing on eating more healthy fats instead of cutting out sugar. If you have fruit with breakfast, for a snack, a piece with lunch and then some for dessert, that can be quite a bit! You can also get it from Amazon and Holland and Barrett although it might be more expensive!
Just wondering if that might be lifting your blood sugar levels and then lowering them leading to the craving? And also cereals- I only tend to have porridge or muesli but so many cereals (even cornflakes) have sugar in them. Periods already affect our mood and when it is accompanied by such cramps, God save the others. Do anything that will distract your concentration from the continuous cramps in your body and Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps.
Our principle objective is to convert the message that Beauty is something that originates from inside. You can easily prevent lipstick from bleeding into the vertical creases on your lips by modifying your habits and through easy natural treatments. Homemade moisturizing remedies such as honey, olive oil, sweet almond oil and coconut oil are good options for keeping the lips moist and diminishing fine lines.
You can use wheat germ oil, which is the richest source of vitamin E, to moisturize your lips. Use tomato passata and add your own garlic and herbs for pasta and use a good quality curry paste with added tinned full fat coconut milk to make curries. Full fat dairy, cheese, nuts, coconut products and avocado have lots of flavour and are super satisfying. Try making a couple of meals or snacks fruit, dried fruit, sugar alternative and of course refined sugar free. To exfoliate your lips make a lip exfoliator by combining a tablespoon of ground oatmeal and a teaspoon of honey or olive oil.
For example you can eat lower sugar fruits like berries, kiwi fruit, pears, grapefruit etc more than higher sugar fruits like bananas, mango, persimmon and grapes.

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