Donatie van feces van slanke mannen aan mannen met overgewicht heeft een gunstig effect op de insulinehuishouding. Er zijn in de literatuur steeds meer aanwijzingen dat de samenstelling van de darmflora een belangrijke rol speelt bij het ontstaan van overgewicht en een verstoorde insulinehuishouding, die kan leiden tot diabetes type 2. Bij een volwassen mens bestaat de darmflora uit zo’n honderdduizend miljard bacterien, onder verdeeld in meer dan tweeduizend soorten. Sitemap Nieuws Polls Aan het woord Harde cijfers Citaten Vacatures   Column Markt Verschenen In beeld Tips & Tools Agenda Voeding en kunst   APPLAUS! What if I told you that you could get lean, lose body fat, and build muscle by exercising less? If getting lean were as straightforward as lacing up your shoes hopping on the treadmill, you wouldn’t see so many chubby runners.
To put it into perspective, an hour on the treadmill burns off approximately one Starbucks muffin. But you don’t need to grind it out on the Stairmaster or powerlift with the gym rats to achieve remarkable results.
If we’re talking about a dose of medicine, a small amount has no significant effect, while a large amount is fatal. Borrowing from the world of pharmacology, I think of exercise as a “dose:” too little has no significant effect while too much is harmful. Too little of a micronutrient will produce no positive effect, a moderate amount is optimal, while too much can be toxic.
Too little protein results in muscle catabolism while the optimal amount maximizes muscle growth and repair.
The goal is to maximize the net positive effects of exercise before reaching the point of diminishing returns. In one of my many experiments guinea-pigging on myself, I wanted to see how my body responded to different levels and types of training. Since I was exercising more (running 50 miles a week versus less than 10) with a very solid finish time, many assumed that my body would be optimized when I was in tip-top marathon shape. The picture on the left shows me just before finishing my second marathon in two months (running 50 miles a week with no sprints). By switching from cardio to sprints, I shed body fat and increased lean muscle by 10 pounds. Have you ever noticed that most endurance athletes are rail-thin, pale, and look a little unhealthy?
This is what happens when you run too much: your body doesn’t know you are running a marathon or if you’ve just been run over by a truck. Because it’s always trying to recover from what you just did to it and protecting itself from whatever might happen next, your befuddled body never has a chance to heal.
Endurance training sends a signal to become more energy efficient and use more fat as fuel, while high intensity training sends the muscles an adaptive signal to become bigger and stronger and more efficient using glucose for fuel. So stop the frustrating, endless cycle of jogging, stuffing your face, and cursing your stubborn belly fat.
At some point in the future I will have to start playing with my HIT workout to find the sweet spot that keeps me at the fitness level I desire.
I’m going to try this HIIT workout, maybe this will help my endurance and spend less time at the gym which is usually 1h 30 mins. It depends on your goals, but Tabata sprints once a week along with lifting once a week should do the trick.

First of all, let me say I have recently discovered you and I love your shows, blogs and videos.
Another question if I may is that I have literally just discovered intermittant fasting and these benefits it provides. So basicly what you are saying is that we need to do the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). So, what would your recommendation be for a fit woman with large amounts of muscle mass that ONLY wants to cut fat.
You might actually find that if you back off and take a break for a bit, then dive back into your routine, you’ll be able to jump-start your gains again. Dit blijkt uit onderzoek van internist in opleiding Anne Vrieze, die 28 maart promoveert aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam.
De ene helft kreeg via een neussonde feces van een gezonde, slanke donor, de andere helft ontving de eigen ontlasting.
Vrieze: ‘We zien dat dikke mensen een andere samenstelling van de darmflora hebben dan mensen met een normaal gewicht.
Welke bacterien een rol spelen bij overgewicht en insulinegevoeligheid, is nog lang niet bekend. Get your FAT-BURNING goodie bag that will teach you how to quickly and easily eliminate belly fat and reach optimal health. The actual caloric burn of aerobic exercise often doesn’t offset the post-exercise binge.
Exercise is not about “burning off” calories or punishing yourself – it’s about achieving hormonal and metabolic changes within the body that maximize fat burning and muscle toning with the minimum amount of stress on the body as possible. The dose-response model below shows the effect caused by differing levels of exposure (or doses) to a stressor (usually a chemical) after a certain exposure time. But while some exercise produces a positive effect, too much will result in net negative effects (marathoners beware).
To stick with the example of protein above, eating more than the “minimum effective dose” of protein does not result in increased muscle growth.
An optimal dose of exercise produces desired hormonal and physiological response with the minimum amount of stress. After finishing in the top 3% of runners in my second marathon in 2 months, I shifted to shorter distances and prioritize sprints and finished in the top 4% of the 10k a few weeks later –  a similar level of relative competitiveness.
But what about athletes that are required to perform short bursts of maximum output, like sprinters?
With high amounts of endurance training you are at a higher risk of fat storage due to starvation response and associated metabolic slowdown when not replenishing enough calories after a long run (not to mention fat gain after overdoing it with post-exercise binges – try to not eat an entire pie after a marathon – I dare you). If you want results, find an exercise you enjoy, train hard (for short amounts of time), and expect success. Plus: learn the 3 worst foods you should NEVER eat and the 7 best exercises for rapid fat loss.
The graph appears to imply that no exercise has neither a positive nor negative effect but based on my experience and observation there is definitely a negative effect when no exercise is performed. It appears to be incorrect since more stress should probably result in lower benefit although there are probably people that defy it. I have been doing a HIIT workout once or twice a week for about six months now and I have been doing a 20 minute HIT workout once a week for about four months now and my body continues to slowly transform before my eyes. Sounds like you are certainly on the right track Trial and error is definitely what it’s all about.

I do not wish to add any more muscle to my frame and my body has a tendency to do just that.
It sounds like you had some serious body transformation, so you might be in need of a break to rest & recuperate. The traditional macronutrient programs out there usually tell you to take in about your bodyweight’s worth of protein and about the same amount carbs, and then fill in what’s left with fats. A really hard HIT session will raise your cortisol levels big time and you will really impact the ability to sleep. Na 6 weken bleek de insulinegevoeligheid verbeterd bij de 9 vrijwilligers die donorfeces hadden kregen, terwijl in de placebogroep geen verandering was opgetreden. De vraag is of de darmflora afwijkt doordat ze te dik zijn of dat het overgewicht het gevolg is van een afwijkende darmflora. Once you hit the minimum, you hit a biochemical bottleneck where “more” is simply wasteful. A curve starting in the high left and moving to the lower right may be more appropriate although having no stress my not be very beneficial as well. It’s nice to be able to play soccer with my daughter and have confidence that I can keep up with her as well as play tennis or go biking for a few hours. A long cardio event like that is just fine as long as you’re not doing it every day or even every other day. I have been going jihad against fat loss myself and sometimes I do like to mix both just because I like to do an easy run and sprinting on a track!
The only carbs that I’m having are things like brown rice, sweet potatoes, and a piece of fruit or two a day. I found out about you through listening to Dave Asprey, which I consider a great mentor to the modern caveman as well. I’d recommend experimenting a bit on timing and amounts in order to optimize your workouts and recovery. HIT protocol can create significant fatigue in the body and there needs to be a period of rest or at least recovery sessions between them. Generally you find that most people do their easy sessions too hard and their hard sessions too easy.
HIT is best done in the morning so the body has the time to reset the metabolism over time.
Even my face changed… from being Sam-the-Eagle-from-Sesame-Street-skinny to a healthy “normal.” All from exercising much less.
I have started working out by spending an hour on the eliptical every morning and I can see some results.
But I saw minimal results (some but not much) I switched up my to do 3 days of HIIT Carido (30 seconds walk * 30 seconds jog * 30 seconds sprint) for 30 sets and about an 1.25 hours of lifting for 3 other days of the week (with learning how to eat clean at the same time) The results were STAGGERING.
I am trying to get the distance out of my mind and trying to focus on the quality of my workouts.

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