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My first reaction was “Is this what I’m suppose to have for every meal?” The old pyramid told us that we needed 2-3 servings of dairy, 6-11 servings of grains, etc.
With a lot of frustration, I dug into the website more in search of how much of each group we needed in a day. Advocating awareness about eating disorders, body image struggles, mental health issues, substance abuse and self harm.
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I instantly, jokingly emailed a dietitian of mine and asked if this meant that I no longer had to have my fats or desserts in my meal plan.
I found under “interactive tools” that we can make a “Daily Food Plan” based upon our own body weight, height, and activity level.
Maybe it’s just because that’s what I’ve grown up on, it’s what I’m used to, and I don’t like change.

I couldn’t help but think my meal would be nice neat *little* piles of food, all separate on a nice *little* white plate. I firmly believe that there is a way to educate people about healthy habits without 1) encouraging a diet mentality and 2)prescribing a one-size-fits-all solution. The old standards like the food guide pyramid and the original DASH plan work to prevent chronic disease. ViR supports healthy living, HAES, media literacy, body diversity, self love and self acceptance.
After figuring out what I was suppose to have for my body, I compared it to my meal plan and realized how much more my meal plan has me eating. Or maybe it is actually that I think this new one is harder to understand and lacks some information with initial glancing. The only thing I would change was the fact that the protein was a little smaller than the grains so that wasn’t very proportional.
They don’t even say anything about how some people might be eating just enough, or maybe not even enough of some nutrients.

Maybe a pie graph that showed how much we are suppose to have of one category versus another throughout the day. At least this did give me a tool to see the total number of servings needed for each group.
I am glad I have my own dietitian to tell me what is appropriate for my body, my mind, and my level of activity.
But then I looked online at what this new “Plate” idea truly was and all hopes I had were instantly shot down.

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