If you, like most of us, don’t enjoy nor have the time to spend 60 minutes a day doing long boring workouts in the gym; then this workout is the best one for you!
Tabata training – like interval training-  raises your metabolism and heart rate instantly. The cool thing about the Tabata workout is that your 20 seconds “on” period can consist of ANY of your favorite exercises as long as you go-all-out for it. If you have no favorite exercise in mind, you can mix and match from squat jumps, burpees, skipping ropes, or sprinting. The problem of not having enough time to workout is solved now. Tabata workout can be squeezed in any day even the busiest ones.
Although that's probably not a life-changing piece of information for anyone, knowing you need to condition and actually doing it don't always go hand-in-hand. You can effectively burn more calories and get better results following the 4 minutes Tabata workout! In the 1990s a Japanese professor made a ground-breaking study showing that exactly 4 minutes of high intensity interval training (HIIT) was just as effective as hours of lighter workouts.
Since you are performing these exercises at a very high intensity, your body will have to work much harder to keep it up.

Your “on” periods can be formatted in different ways, including doing the same exercise for your entire “on” periods, alternating between couple of exercises in each “on” period of your 4 minutes workout. If you want to go for strength training as well, you can still incorporate push-ups, pull-ups, and deadlifts in your rounds. Try these five dynamic cardio workouts that are more fun and more effective than your usual 20-minute jog!
If you want to keep your body fat on the lower end and showcase your hard-earned muscle, you need to perform cardiovascular exercise or conditioning.
In other words, unless you have a love affair with your elevated heart rate, conditioning blows. I design my cardiovascular work much like I design my weightlifting workouts: I keep things interesting, fast-paced, and fun.
As Executive Vice President of Business Development, Gregory works closely with all of the world-class athletes. Simply put, Tabata training is all about doing one exercise as hard as you can for 20 painful seconds (“on” interval), followed by 10 seconds of rest (“off” interval).

This will cause your heart to pump fast and your metabolism to jump, which you want if you are working on burning more body fat.
Not only that, but also the beat of the song can help you hold a rhythm and keep the perfect pace throughout your workout without having to constantly look for the clock. Your metabolism will stay at that high not only during the workout, but after the workout as well. Instead, you'll jump, sprint, and do high-rep exercises so your heart rate goes up and the fat burns off.

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