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Exercise machines are wonderful cardiovascular equipments thathelp you to lose weight and tone up your muscles. The workout machine which will help you to burn maximum calories, tone your body but put minimum pressure on your joints is the right one for you.As women’s bodies are biologically different than men they need to choose workout machines which works perfectly for their body type. If you want maximum outcome then running on treadmill is the best option. Running on treadmill burns more caloriesthan walk or jog.
On the contrary to the popular belief rowing machine can give you a full body cardiovascular workout.Working on rowing machine needs a better coordination and uses almost all the major muscle groups of your body.

This machine gives you intense workout and the plus point is that you don’t need to expose your feet to severe impact forces.
The Club Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer is the award-winning home version of our popular club model now with iPod® compatibility.
There is a huge range of workout machines available in the market including treadmills,stationarybikes, stair steppers, elliptical machines, rowing machines and others. It is the ideal choice for today’s multi- tasking women who need tobalance home and office simultaneously and do not get time for jog or walk outside. Overweight and elderly women with knee pains may choose stationary bikesas it works with less pressure on knees and does not have an impact of body weight.But remember that stationary bike not a very high impact calorie burner.
All ofthese machines are good in one way or other but the most important question is how to choose the machine that will suit you the best.

This barbell moves up and down on steel runners.You can do squats, chest press and lungesto work several muscle groups at a time. The result of extensive research and testing, the Club Series delivers a remarkably pure, natural elliptical motion. Try it for yourself and you'll see why people who use it often forget they are exercising so intensely.

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