For some people the hardest thing to deal with after losing an excessive amount weight is not finding new clothes. Although there is no for sure way on how to stop this here are a few tips towards prevention. Take Vitamin C, it’s a significant part in collagen formation, and promotes skin elasticity. Viewers of the program «Biggest Loser» concerned about the recent winner of the show: Rachel Fredrickson, who lost more than 70 pounds, losing weight from 120 to 48 kg. Viewers were shocked when they saw Rachel on Tuesday night - compared to its first output - it was a sensation. Alas, this statement does not stop any criticism or former winners of the show from the caustic remarks in the press.
Kim Nilsson - Season 13 finalist - said that she felt so bad after watching the show that she could not sleep.

I think it's funny because Rachel - a former swimmer - until recently so embarrassed by their weight, she was afraid to appear in front of his own family. But dealing with the large amount of excess skin that their body now holds is rough too and can put you into a  mental prison.
It allows your body to maintain muscle mass, and gives your skin time to adjust to your weight loss.
Complete victory came to her after she turned into "the tiniest participant" in the history of the program. However, the audience asked the question: instead of bringing Rachel to show whether too dangerous condition?
The result is striking, although now, according to the known formulas, its weight is moved from the "excess" in the "inadequate" and, consequently, increased health risk.
The “skinny fat” look is what it’s popularly known as which contains a small physique with low body fat, but sagging skin.

Instead, she spoke about how her past athletes pushed her to the result, and what she would do with the prize of 250,000 $. As women & men we tend to stray away from weights believing we will be bulky and to muscular. Some people lose a tremendous amount of weight that the excess skin requires surgical removal. Now remember, getting your excess skin surgically removed is a choice, not a requirement, nor should ever be done to fill an empty void.
There are methods out there that will help prevent and help you tighten up your loose skin.

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