If you have dumbells, you can do even more exercises, and increase the challenge of your bodyweight exercises. Plus, by exercising at home, you'll get your workouts done in the same amount of time as it would take to drive to the gym and back. Here are 27 exercises you can do at home to lose fat and build muscle, helping you burn belly fat and get 6-pack abs. By putting these exercises together into supersets, you can get a total body resistance training workout done in only 20 minutes. Here are the lower body exercises you can do to boost your metabolism and build a better butt and legs. Many of those calorie-burning exercises can be done with dumbells as well, if you need to increase the challenge. The exercises for the lower body to boost the metabolism and to build a better butt and legs are the supreme and prime. I must say that overall I am really impressed with this blog.It is easy to see that you are impassioned about your writing.

This list of home gym exercises that are being discussed is simply effective and shown results as well.
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Follow that up with 15-20 minutes of interval training, and you'll have the best belly fat burning workout you can do in only 45 minutes. Let's take a look at these fat burning, minimal equipment exercises you can do in a small space in your own home.

Let's ignore situps and crunches, since they aren't the best use of your time, and can damage the low back. But in fact, simple variations in technique, or adding dumbells, or changing hand position can actually give you 101 exercises you can with this list to help you burn belly fat and sculpt your body.
I had always had an exercise plan sussed but it never seemed to click for me around what I ate and my lifestyle but thanks to the number of articles I have read from Craig it helped me to develop my exercise and food plan around my schedule etc, and has worked a breeze and his writings and exercising info etc has really inspired me to focus on me and my health, so am grateful to him for giving more clarity! The best daily deals from around New Zealand pulled together onto one page & updated every 10 minutes.

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