While other dogs might come running at the sound of the tin opener, Jack the Cavalier King Charles spaniel was so overweight he could barely walk to the kitchen a€“ and even went deaf. Now, however, the eight-year-old has shed a third of his body weight and trimmed an impressive eight inches from his waist. Owner Rose Welsh, 52, who adopted a€?Jumbo Jacka€™ in January, said he came to her having been over-fed and barely exercised. Bloated bunny: Greedy rabbit Bobby, a four-year-old mini-lop from Middlesbrough who stole her partner's food, drop a third of her bodyweightBut following a strict six-month diet and fitness regime, Jack can now do all of those things.

The competition saw 17 obese pets lose 13.5 stone between them a€“ the equivalent of around 28 healthy Yorkshire terriers.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Or if you're a company and you want to send any relevant products to review or host any giveaways! But that didna€™t stop him from getting through three tins of dog food a day, as well as plenty of treats and leftovers.

And yesterday, Jack was named pet slimming champion in a competition organised by veterinary charity PDSA.
His unhealthy diet meant he tipped the scales in excess of three stone a€“ more than double the ideal weight for his breed.

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