To get him back on track Powell took him to meet former Dallas Cowboys stars Nate Newton and Michael Irvin. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
The next three episodes of Extreme Weight Loss, subtitled Love Can’t Weight, beginning tonight, will be about couples getting ready for their upcoming marriages by losing weight, and this first episode focuses on the weight-loss journeys of Tiffany and Cain. The couples will all spend the first 90 days of their six-month-long transformational journeys in Aurora, Colorado at the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, and will also be assisted by Dr.
The next three months the initial three the couples will be separated, not seeing each other until the day of their weddings.
On Extreme Weight Loss on ABC, Tiffany said that she was fed up with Cain spending so much time on the computer participating in online gambling. At their initial weigh-in on Extreme Weight Loss, Tiffany weighed 267 pounds and Cain weighed 357 pounds.
Then on Extreme Weight Loss, DiSpirito took Tiffany and Cain to a restaurant and took them to the kitchen and watched a meal being prepared there. Co-host of Extreme Weight Loss, Heidi Powell, asked Tiffany “Do you ever encourage him? Heidi surprised Tiffany again on Extreme Weight Loss by having her mom flown there to shop with her. Then, Heidi was with Tiffany during a workout, and Heidi could tell that something was wrong. Tiffany went back to see her friends and family and she hoped that people would notice she had lost weight. In Arizona on Extreme Weight Loss, Cain and Chris ran together and Chris asked him about if he had been thinking about gambling much.
In Vegas on Extreme Weight Loss, Chris told Cain he wanted him to run 6.6 miles, another quarter of a marathon, in an hour. They met up with a skin reduction surgeon to find out how much he would need to lose in addition to what he had already lost.
When Extreme Weight Loss on ABC came back from the break, Tiffany knew that she had this one chance left to see the video from Cain. So many people complain about how hard it is to get fit but its really easy they just need to diet properly. For anyone just starting out I highly recommend reading this book or just doing a lot of independent research. I am interviewing Michael or Mike Epstein today, one of the latest people to appear on Extreme Weight Loss (ABC) on August 13, 2013. First, Mike, when I watched the episode and I heard Chris say you had your own business, and he went there to surprise you, I was wondering what business it was that you owned.
I know that Brian Epstein was the one-time manager of The Beatles –I don’t know if you’re related to him, though. Douglas Cobb: What’s the name of your company and could you explain a little about it to our readers, Mike? Douglas Cobb: Chris mentioned that you’re a “fighter” and that you were an athlete in high school and college.What sports did you participate in?
Douglas Cobb: What was it like when you first met Chris Powell and you found out you’d been accepted to take part in the show?

Douglas Cobb: What did you feel like when you were told by the show’s doctor that you had calcified arteries leading to your heart, and that you might not be able to participate in the show? Douglas Cobb: During Phase One of the year, what would you say were the most difficult parts of it?
Douglas Cobb: Chris has mentioned many times on episodes that most people have a difficult time meeting their Phase 2 Weight Loss Goals. For you, would you say that meeting this goal was more or less difficult than meeting your Phase 1 goal?
Douglas Cobb: When you ran up the Rocky stairs in Philadelphia, Mike, and the three miles that lead up to it, did you think that you could make it when you started out? Douglas Cobb: What was meeting and working out with Evander “the Real Deal” Holyfield like? Douglas Cobb: What would you say it’s like to now be able to work out with your son, in martial arts, and do things with your wife that just months ago, you probably thought you’d never be able to do again?
Douglas Cobb: Finally, Mike, what sort of advice would you have for other people who are overweight and need to lose excess weight?
WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins made a special appearance on this week’s episode of Extreme Weight Loss on the ABC Network. He decided to do something about it, starting with a short walk.But after he got to the lamp post just down from his house he was out of breath and wondering how to get back.
The couples will all be helped achieve their weight-loss goals by trainers and transformational coaches, Chris and Heidi Powell. Holly Wyatt, MD, in reaching their weight-loss goals and losing up to half their body weight and some harmful emotional baggage that has held them back. Two of the three couples will walk down the aisle together and get married, while one of the couples decides not to get married, just six days before the marriage ceremony is scheduled to take place.
They had together put on 150 additional pounds in the four years they had known each other. She has Crohn’s Disease, also, and ulcerative colitis, and does not want wedding pictures taken looking like she does now. He said one year everybody in his family got scratch-off tickets, and gambling runs in his family. They cooked up something special for Tiffany and Cain, literally, working in the kitchen of the couple’s favorite restaurant.
There were so many steps along the way when additional calories were added to the food, and the couple got to see that what they ordered could make a big difference in the calories they consumed.
He and Heidi walked with Tiffany and Cain to where Dave Tutero was waiting for them, surprising them with the news that he would be their wedding planner. She asked Tiffany what the problem was, and she said that she was experiencing pain from her ulcerative colitis. Holly suggested that Tiffany be sent back home and consult with her doctor to have her medicine dosage adjusted, so that she would not risk having to be operated on and having her colon removed. Chris asked him if he had been thinking much about gambling, and Cain admitted that it had been tough for him. Chris told them that they would have one day to see each other and for Cain to propose to her during the next three months.
Chris told the cameras that Tiffany’s skin had snapped right back and she would not need the skin reduction surgery, but Cain would need it.

If he weighed 200 or less, Chris told him that the doctor had said he would be able to have the skin reduction surgery. Tiffany chose a friend of hers to give the scholarship to, and then the happy couple met with Chris and Heidi.
He was one of the fortunate few to get chosen by the co-host of the series, Chris Powell, to take part in his year-long journey to lose at least half of his body weight so he could then qualify for skin removal surgery.
Thanks for allowing me to ask you a few questions, and perhaps also to answer the few remaining questions viewers of the episode which featured you on Tuesday, August 13, might have had. Did you ever box before the year you spent losing weight, or was that more of a figure of speech Chris used? And yet, you did met your goal — congratulations on that, and on losing the weight you needed to to qualify for your skin removal surgery!
Also, where was it that Chris sent you and your wife on the cruise to, and was if hard to not eat all of the delicious food you saw around you aboard the ship?
Chris said that the heat and humidity were high that day, and he had a little trouble, himself.
It was both a pleasure and an honor, and I wish you a long life and lots of happiness for you, your wife, and family! Rollins got in a workout with Mason, one of the show’s contestants who is a big WWE fan. All three couples will lose an incredible amount of weight during their six-month-long weight-loss journeys, one couple losing 300 pounds between them.
He held it over his head until Tiffany completed the run, though he was in pain and was suffering. Extreme Weight Loss, of course, headed to another commercial break before Cain’s weight was shown. I believe in working up a sweat, crinkling your eyes when you smile, and full belly laughs. Grab your iced coffee (one pump of mocha, no sweetener please!) and join me here, where I offer tips on fitness, family & favorite recipes. When the show returned, she was weighed and had lost 92 pounds, and the couple had earned themselves an engagement ring. Tiffany dove for the ball, and…Extreme Weight Loss went to yet another commercial break. Coming back from the next commercial break on Extreme Weight Loss, Tiffany and Cain will have their first wedding dance and also their final weigh-in. Do whatever you want, don’t worry about the future, TV will fix everything for you when push comes to shove.
Not sure why THESE people deserved to have money showered upon them, but hopefully when they go broke again in a few years another show will be there to support them while the truly needy do without.

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