They both then trekked to the peak of Machu Piccu, despite Ashley almost having an asthma attack halfway up the mountain. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. As one of our first husband-wife couples ever on Extreme Weight Loss, Jason and Rachel’s journey was unforgettable. RC: While Jason and I were so grateful for the experience of the last year, and for Chris’ and your help, we were no doubt looking forward to our “new normal”. HP: You and Jason both lost amazing amounts of weight, and I know life has changed for you because of that. RC: When we lived in Northwest Arkansas, I was introduced to my first ever children’s consignment event. When we moved back to Michigan I was disappointed that there were not consignment events in Michigan, but I didn’t really intend to do anything about it. But now, with my newfound courage, I am now pursuing my dreams, Next week, we are hosting the first Rhea Lana’s event ever in Michigan! HP: Taking on a large, time consuming project like this, how are you staying on track to maintain your weight loss…and juggle the twins?! If you are in the Detroit, Michigan area, check out Rachel’s website to see how you can join in the fun! It is no wonder America fell in love with our beautiful friend, Ashley Hylton, after her episode of Extreme Weight Loss (season 3) aired this summer.
Ashley’s Chile Verde – a deliciously spicy chile verde sauce served over cauliflower rice!

Each serving has 69 calories, 2 g protein, 5 g fat, 55 mg sodium, 6 g carbs, and 3 g fiber.
The Cornelliers who met in high school, found that they could no longer participate in physical activities with their twins due to their weight and had begun to feel like failures as parents.Rachel was so ashamed that she weighed more than when she was pregnant, that she wrote to celebrity fitness trainer Chris Powell begging him to help the couple. Powell agreed to work with a husband and wife for the first time on the American TV show Extreme Makeover: Weight loss Edition, and spent a year putting them through their paces with exercise and a healthy diet. The couple continued to shrink on the TV plan and after their six month weigh in the couple headed to New York where Jason proposed to Rachel at the top of the Empire State Building, 13 years after he did it for the first time.
One participant's goal is to looe an unbelievable 100 pounds, or over 7 stone in the first 90 days of the regime on the show, before continuing the weight loss for the rest of the year.Participants can be offered plastic surgery after their weight loss to remove excess skin.
At the renowned University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in Aurora, CO, Chris and Heidi, along with CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center Medical Director and CU School of Medicine Associate Professor Holly Wyatt, MD, will guide participants on their journeys to safely lose up to half their body weight, as well as the emotional baggage that often holds one back. As an incentive for the next weigh-in, Powell told Ashley that if she hit 175lbs he would pay for husband Jason to have skin removal surgery as well her, which motivated her to lose more and weigh 174lbs (12.4 stone) at the nine month weigh-in.
Moms and families are able to consign their clothing, baby items, toys, books and more at their events. Not only can families consign, but they can shop at these events as well—and find amazing deals! Jason and I had talked about it a little bit, but truthfully I just didn’t have the courage to start a business venture all on my own. Not only did she manage to captivate audiences with her hard work and dedication, losing 164 lbs in one year, but she made it clear that what she values most is family.
Rachel gives us all of the answers to how they are staying on track while juggling a busy life with two kids .

When I first attended a Rhea Lana’s event I was so impressed at everything I found—in wonderful shape and for a good price. I believe in working up a sweat, crinkling your eyes when you smile, and full belly laughs.
This amazing mama brought her husband in on the weight loss action too – he lost a whopping 170 lbs in his year!!!! Check out this amazing recipe that will surely make some happy tummies around your dinner table tonight :). I couldn’t wait for the next event so that I was able to consign some of my own children’s clothing—and I did and made some great money while doing so.
Also, just because we have been busy planning for our event doesn’t give us free reign to eat whatever we want and not exercise.
Grab your iced coffee (one pump of mocha, no sweetener please!) and join me here, where I offer tips on fitness, family & favorite recipes. If there is anything that you both taught us this last year is that we never have to make any excuses again. There are always good food choices, sometimes you just have to look harder or prepare a little better.

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