Workout Finishers 2.0 created by Mike Whitfield is a new fat burning program that provides people with fat burning workouts, and detailed instructions on how to burn fat fast. Workout Finishers 2.0 program developed by Mike Whitfield introduces to people effective fat burning workouts that they can use for burning fat fast and naturally.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. If you've ever wanted a chiseled six-pack or a flat, defined set of abs, you HAVE to be focusing on the rectus abdominis. To commemorate this glorious, Drake-infused occasion, we've whipped up the Ultimate Summer 2016 Playlist. The goblet squat is a variation of the traditional squat, which puts more emphasis on the shoulders, chest, arms, and abs. Row the dumbbell until the top of your arm is parallel with your back, hold it for 1 second at the top. Finishing up with REALLY INTENSE interval cardio allows the body to access the really deep, stubborn fat stores that are difficult to burn off.
This installment will follow suit, except we'll explore the specialized offerings from a wider range of companies.
SD Performance's Moderate MonstersDave Bisschop of SD Performance in Chilliwack, British Columbia, has developed a strong reputation for his moderate approach towards serious performance. Few would disagree that in box-stock form, a basic Edelbrock cylinder head is adequate for many mildly-built, moderate-displacement Pontiac mills, but Bisschop says that today's trend leans toward large-displacement, pump-gas engines, and he feels that a stock Edelbrock casting can sometimes become a limiting factor in those applications. SD Performance markets three distinct packages that begin life as a semi-machined 72-cc Edelbrock casting. The third CNC-ported Edelbrock package SD Performance presently offers is its wide-port casting.
Combustion chamber volume is one area of any Edelbrock package that's machined to customer order. Bisschop tells HPP that he's happy with the dyno testing results so far, but expects to extract additional horsepower from his castings in the future. Kauffman Racing Equipment's High Port HysteriaIf you've read the previous installment, you're familiar with the effort that Kauffman Racing Equipment, in Glenmont, Ohio, set forth when producing its aluminum D-port cylinder head.
The High Port intake flange accepts any conventional Pontiac intake manifold, while its exhaust consists of a typical round-port configuration.
Bare castings include valve seats and guides, and pushrod guide plates for $1,495 per pair, but Kauffman says his bolt-on High Port packages are most popular. Like the D-port, Kauffman says that port velocity was a key element of the High Port's design. The fast-burn combustion chamber is CNC-machined to 56 cc, and KRE presently offers 64 and 80 cc chambers at additional cost, while future plans include a 70 to 72 cc option.
The exhaust port flows roughly 70 percent of the intake port, and it, too, is CNC-ported to maintain said percentage as intake flow increases. If that weren't enough, it appears that yet another cylinder head casting is on KRE's horizon. The intake runners are evenly spaced to improve port-to-port consistency, and Roland Racing is the only company offering a compatible intake manifold. Roland Racing's Radical ReplacementJim Sammons opened Roland Racing in Springfield, Missouri, just a couple of years ago, but that doesn't mean he's a beginner. Canted angles typically reduce the shrouding that otherwise occurs when valves are located too closely to a cylinder wall, and Sammons' particular design allows the use of larger valves within a traditional Pontiac bore diameter. While Roland Racing offers bare castings that include valve guides and seats for $2,495, the company will soon offer a complete bolt-on package that starts at $2,995. The CV-1 is available with CNC-milled combustion chambers that measure 65 cc for race applications, or 90 cc for pump gas applications. While a unique intake manifold is required due to the canted valve angles, the exhaust configuration is much more conventional.
Sammons tells HPP that he's invested more than 3,000 hours into the project, and hopes to have production units available by the time you read this.
Butler Performance transforms an otherwise basic 72-cc Edelbrock casting into its potent Wide Port, which boasts peak airflow of 370 cfm, with prices that start at $3,595.
Butler Performance's Wide Port WonderButler Performance in Leoma, Tennessee, is among the most recognizable names within the Pontiac hobby, and the Butler family has spent years testing myriad combinations to find those that are most successful to offer to its customers.
Only a few aftermarket intake manifolds, or BP's custom-fabricated sheetmetal unit are presently compatible with the Wide Port casting. Butler says that the Wide Port starts life as a semi-machined 72-cc Edelbrock casting that's prepared similarly to the hand-ported offering featured previously. Because of added intake port width, the Wide Port requires the use of a few non-conventional components-all of which BP stocks.
The Wide Port's 72 cc combustion chambers are polished, and can be milled or enlarged upon customer request.
The fast-burn combustion chamber is CNC-machined to 66 cc-and that's the only volume available. Gostyla tells HPP that among his company's first projects was seeing the Tiger cylinder head into production, but he's quick to admit that Don Johnston, of DCI Motorsports, was responsible for its initial design and development. The Tiger head is available as a bare casting that contains valve seats and guides, but no additional machining, for $2,395 per pair. The as-cast intake port measures 310 cc, and airflow peaks at 414 cfm at 1.00-inch valve lift, at 28 inches of pressure.
Fast-burn style combustion chambers of the Tiger castings are CNC-machined, and displace 66 cc of volume, which yields a compression ratio of about 15:1 on a typical 511ci engine.
Wenzler Engineering's Super Chief is marketed as a semi-complete casting that engine builders can finish for its intended application. Wenzler's WarriorLarry Wenzler of Wenzler Engineering in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, has been producing Pontiac cylinder heads for nearly two decades, and his original round-port was among the first aftermarket cast-aluminum units ever made.
Since most customers in the Super Chief market segment prefer to tailor cylinder head assembly to fit the unique needs of a specific combination, Wenzler says he delivers the castings in a semi-complete state, which includes valve seats and guides, and CNC-machined combustion chambers, with prices that start at $1,250 per pair.
The fast-burn combustion chambers are CNC-machined, and are available in any volume measuring between 56 and 85 cc, depending upon customer request. The Super Chief boasts of raised and widened intake ports, which are said to flow around 320 cfm at 0.600-inch lift in as-cast form. Wenzler says the Super Chief works best with his Gutsram intake manifold, which is a unique high-flow design. The additional intake port width requires 0.18-inch offset lifters and, due to this, Wenzler suggests that the Super Chief be used with solid roller camshafts only. The good news: You don't need to ditch your current workout to see more weight loss success results. Flipping channels on the tube, you lope along, either running or walking, at the same ho-hum speed you were at yesterday.
You're bent forward at the hips, elbows locked, hands on the rails to ease your load on your beloved hills program, where you've been slogging away at level 7 since Christmas.

Integrate this 10-minute total body challenge, suggested by says Brooke Siler, author of The Ultimate Pilates Body Challenge, into your stair-stepping workout to tone and challenge muscles and blast more fat. To build shin strength, use just the balls of feet to push down the pedals (don't lift heels); For hamstrings, use just heels on the pedals (keep your toes lifted). If the bike doesn't fit your frame, you won't get the maximum benefit from your ride (you will, however, get a massive back ache.) If you've got petite feet, don't cram them into the toe cage. Intimidated by heavy metal, you stick to the light stuff — nothing more than 10 pounds, please — then saunter over to the watercooler for an extended drink.
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By clicking "Create Account", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy. Small combustion chambers with highly active mixture movement so that the unburnt mixtire is fed into the flame front is the ticket.
All of rally Bob's mods - plus consider making a groove through the squish face on the cylinder head that directs a high velocity 'jet' of relatively cool mixture towards the spark plug as the piston top approaches the head face. The ports are much the same as 1.9L heads and for a street motor need only cleaning up under the valves and concerntrating on the 'short turn' radius where the bottom of the port curves down into the valve throat. This program also introduces to people effective fat burning diet plans that they can use for losing their weight fast and naturally without using drugs or pills. In addition, this program provides people with a wide range of workouts and exercises that they can use for getting the body they desire.
The site supplies people with tips, ways, programs, methods and e-books about many topics including business, health, entertainment, and lifestyle.
We also learned that the round-port castings Pontiac produced during the late '60s and early '70s were each designed to complement its specific application.
The base package provides 310 cfm for $2,300, while a wide-port version, boasting peak airflow in excess of 370 cfm, starts at $3,000.
The company's cylinder head packages are a key element of that success, and SD Performance has recently incorporated a computer-controlled mill to increase internal efficiency. SD Performance also offers CNC port-matched intake manifolds that perfectly mirror the cylinder head variations. Solid roller valvesprings are optional on the 330-cfm casting only, and add $100 to the final cost. Dave Bisschop says testing with otherwise identical 330-cfm castings indicates that his modified 72 cc chamber (shown) produced 9 additional horsepower with 2 degrees less spark lead, when compared to a typical 72 cc Edelbrock chamber. With its relatively small as-cast intake ports, and optional porting, it serves a broad market segment, but its D-port exhaust configuration can be somewhat limiting, so KRE introduced another casting aimed at additional performance from larger displacement mills. Jeff Kauffman says that peak power typically occurs with 30 to 32 degrees of total spark lead. The company is presently testing a splayed, canted-valve cylinder head, and Kauffman says he's extremely excited with the results from testing the billet-aluminum prototype. It features canted valve angles, yet retains a normal Pontiac camshaft layout, without the need to offset the pushrods. He adds, "While intake port volume may seem large, the actual cross-sectional area is comparable to a 308-cc big-block Chevy head. The chamber's unique, dual-quench design features opposing squish pads to maximize combustion efficiency. The casting is CNC-ported and hand-finished, and requires offset lifters and a shaft-rocker system.
The intake port flows over 410 cfm, and complete bolt-on packages begin at $5,000 for street, and $5,850 for race applications. As-cast intake airflow measures around 320 cfm, but Larry Wenzler says that airflow as high as 430 cfm has been reported after porting. Though that same basic cylinder head is presently marketed as the Series II, it's the high-flowing Super Chief that carries Wenzler's torch in today's hardcore performance market. We started from scratch and created a unique casting that we feel is best suited for a bore diameter of at least 4.375 inches," Wenzler says. No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc.
Familiarity might be comfortable, but it's not effective — certainly not when it comes to a sweat session. Runners should land lightly to minimize impact on the joints; you shouldn't be able to hear your foot strike over your iPod.
During every third song on your MP3 player or every commercial break, ramp up the intensity and go as hard as you can.
Every other minute, concentrate on strengthening your arms or core — you'll recruit more muscles and incinerate more fat.
Pretend you're squeezing a balloon between your shoulder blades, says Brooke Siler, author of The Ultimate Pilates Body Challenge. Bend your elbows and palms close to your abs and twist slowly from side to side as you keep your abs engaged. Thirteen minutes after that, you're home — where you take off your shoes so you can find them tomorrow to do the exact same route. Run your regular route in the opposite direction so your body doesn't know when to expect the hills. At the end of a workout, slim down your legs, bump up your heart rate, and build speed by doing drills.
The inner and outer thighs get a much better workout when you do squats, lunges, step-ups and leg presses; anytime you have to keep your knee tracking forward, they get a workout. You basically have to mill the heck out of the head to reduce the chamber volume, then unshroud the intake side a lot to get any results close to the small chamber heads. This allows much leaner mixtures at higher compression ratios and much more complete combustion. There are dimples on the intake side of the chamber wall as well, although they're hard to see.
The pattern of dimples is NOT random, and was developed based on tests in the real world (other racing Opels) and on the flowbench. Even though the engine was running rich and had a lot of oil getting past the guides, the carbon patterns are cleaner than most performance-cammed street engines. I understand its very difficult to coach via the internet,but I really need some help with this!!! I could try to take some more detailed pics of what I have here(my camera has been acting up so its iffy)PM me and I can send big pics and measurements directly to you if that would help. Note how thw work is concerntrated around the inlet valve with the chamber left quite small around the exhaust valve to keep compression.
In addition, the program gives people 50 new metabolic finishers and 120 shredded exercises that helped Mike Whitfield lose 105 pounds and 14 inches from the waist.
Moreover, when ordering the “Workout Finishers 2.0” program, people will receive 6 components and 6 special gifts from Mike Whitfield.

Some people prefer using kettlebells instead of dumbbells, either works well–your personal choice. The companies have shared with us their casting's major advantages, installation requirements, and expected performance levels. Bisschop has not only created successful porting programs for various cast-iron D-port cylinder heads, but also for the aftermarket Edelbrock aluminum casting. Our basic 310-cfm package increases as-cast intake port volume from 215 cc, to 235, and boosts airflow from roughly 280 cfm, to 310 at 0.600-inch, at 28 inches of pressure.
We weld mat-erial into an otherwise typical chamber, and then machine it into its final shape, which measures in the low 70s.
Peak airflow measures 330 cfm in as-cast form, but optional CNC-porting programs incrementally increase that towards 400 cfm. Valve cover options are limited to CV-1-specific units from Strelka Built, or owners can modify Moroso's Ford Cleveland units.
He was employed by a major manufacturing company that continues to supply General Motors and Ford today, and his enthusiasm for the Pontiac V-8 led to the development of a canted-valve cylinder head for that application. The casting boasts of 380-cfm intake flow, and a basic bolt-on price that starts at $2,995. The CV-1 requires a minimum bore diameter of 4.15 inches, and engines displacing at least 450 ci should be more than comfortable with the port volume. Its combustion chambers are polished, and oil return holes are modified to promote quicker drain back.
The intake port measures around 275 cc, and airflow peaks near 370 cfm at 0.750-inch, at 28 inches of pressure. Since Edelbrock isn't presently offering a semi-machined version of its 87-cc casting, BP doesn't mass-market a larger-chamber Wide Port. It's most popular on engines that displace at least 467ci, and we've been very satisfied with the results.
We've also seen, in a maximum performance application, that after porting to 445 cfm, our Tiger head has produced 1,170 horsepower and 860 lb-ft on a 565ci engine. Doing the same thing over and over lulls your muscles into an I-can-do-this tedium and lessens your calorie burn.
Follow these tips from some of the top trainers around the country for an ultra-efficient workout that zaps more calories and burns more fat. Keep your movement forward, not up and down, says Los Angeles-based personal trainer Gunnar Peterson. By focusing on your backside, you'll contract — and tone — the muscle (and make it, not the fat surrounding it, the star of your Sevens).
For example, if you're on a full-body machine, consciously engage your arms; push and pull with the same intensity as you're using for your legs. For a back and shoulder workout, extend your arms from your shoulders and do small circles in one direction for 10 counts, then reverse directions for ten. If you originate all movement in your core, not your legs, it will (a) hurt like a bitch and (b) work new muscles hard [see (a)], giving you — you guessed it — a more intense burn.
That way, you'll use your muscles, not the momentum of the weighted front wheel, to power the bike.
When you stand, you can use your whole leg for leverage and your body weight for momentum; sitting means you have to push more weight around with less help. For 15 seconds, do knee pulls: Pull one knee high until your quads are parallel to the ground, then alternate with the other knee in rapid succession. You'll keep your heart rate elevated and your metabolism juiced — both helpful calorie-burning boosts.
Between the fins I grind in the intake ports, and the dimples on the short side radius of the intake ports, plus the chamber reshaping and the dimples on the chambers and the pistons, I can get an engine that can run very high compression on pump gas, get good mileage, make good power, and has reduced emissions. The location is critical, but it directs the air around the valve stem more efficiently, and helps to atomize the fuel better. Furthermore, in this program, people can discover advanced methods, simple techniques, and tips and tricks that will help them improve athleticism, conditioning and enhance workout performance.
These 6 components are the “Density Finishers” book, the “Metabolic Circuit Finishers” book, the “Ladder Finishers” book, the “Gauntlet Finishers” book, the “Superset Finishers” book, and the “Finishers Exercise Library” book. Butler adds, however, that if a customer is willing to accept the added expense of modifying an 87-cc casting, the company can certainly create a large-chamber Wide Port, too. We're seeing around 800 hp at 6,500 to 6,800 rpm from a typical pump-gas 500ci engine with 11:1 compression, and a Victor intake manifold. That's enough power to seriously compete with a big-block Chevy on the dragstrip," says Gostyla. And the more muscle you have, the more calories you'll need to maintain it — and the more fat you'll burn.
If there are rails, lightly rest your hands on them — but no white-knuckling, since you may end up supporting your body weight that way. If it's a lower-body machine, put your arms in an athletic position — elbows bent, upper arms close to your ribs — to strengthen your core.
I have posted pics of a lot of these mods over the years, I think I can re-find them and post links to them. Usually an Opel head will have the fuel settle out of the airstream at this point, and it just strikes the intake valve side of the chamber, where it builds carbon deposits, and wastes fuel and power.
After Mike Whitfield launched this “Workout Finishers 2.0” program, a lot of customers have used it for losing weight naturally, burning fat fast, and keeping their weight off.
People also get 6 bonuses such as the “Upper Body Finishers” book, the “Lower Body Finishers” book, the “Metabolic Chaos” book, the “Finishers Aggression” book, the “7-Day Crank Start” book, and the “Finishers Lifestyle And Supplement Guide” book. Our 330-cfm casting, which peaks at 0.700-inch, starts at $2,400 and is probably our most pop-ular. If you usually go long and slow, pick up the pace and shorten the step to about 6 inches to make your muscles react and therefore adapt — that's where the change comes in. Find yours by counting how many times one foot goes around in 15 seconds and multiplying by four. For example, on the chest press machine, don't let your back touch the seat (or drop the seat all the way down). They said that this program helped them improve athleticism and workout performance, get in shape, and get a confident and attractive appearance.
Day 3, throw in some intervals: Run fast for 1 minute, easy for 2, and repeat 6 to 10 times. Finally, do grapevine (moving sideways, step your left foot over your right foot, then your left foot behind your right foot).

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