Are You Human?In order to reduce the number of automated spam, please enter the security word or phrase found in the image or video below. Make Your Own CardA very cool new magic the gathering related website that allows it's visitors to quickly create their own magic the gathering cards. I was looking for some useful suspend cards and i found out,there are 59 cards in MTG with suspend ability or in combo with it.That's enough to build a deck by itself. A few phoenixes such as Firewing Phoenix help ensure that even after you've cleared the board of creatures, you still have something left to play, and Hostility can quickly replenish your creature supply with a burn spell or two. Unlockable cards let you choose whether you want to commit more to creatures or damage spells, and Obsidian Fireheart gives the deck some long-term, consistent damage. Old school mtg, In the first build of the deck i ran a playset of rituals and factories 'cause i interpreted and played the deck as a monoblack with a splash.. Kaalia of the vast edh commander deck - sunforger - mtg, Really excited for this line up of articles.
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Vampire Nighthawk, Centaur Healer, and Rhox Faithmender are solid role players to help you beat aggro decks.
Plus, you’ve Restoration Angel to rebuy the life gain abilities of Thragtusk, Huntmaster, and Centaur Healer. Life gain is so good that I saw 1 Rhox Faithmender in the main deck of a Bant Control deck.
However, Gatecrash is going to make life gain less effective because it has one of the best anti life gain cards in recent memory. Eight years ago, in the old Ravnica set, there was a life gain card that dominated Standard, Loxodon Hierarch.
This creature may not seem that powerful but you have to understand that creatures back then were not as powerful. This was an anti Loxodon Hierarch card because it kept your opponent from gaining life while also hitting him for four damage.
For example, if your opponent casts Thragtusk and you respond with Skullcrack, that’s an eight point life swing!
It focuses primarily on weak creatures that can be made stronger with red mana, burn spells for removing pesky blockers (or dealing damage directly to the enemy planeswalker, and a smattering of wide-hitting "sweeps" -- spells that deal damage to everything on the board.

With this overpowered, fast-paced, burn deck, the full power of the mountains will leave your opponents wondering what happened.
Sphinx’s Revelation, Thragtusk, and Huntmaster of the Fells are three of the best cards. These two cards are really good against life gain because they can generate big life swings.
An aggro player has lethal damage on the board versus a control, blue midrange, or flash deck. It contains famous flames, bolts, and beats from across Magic history, including several never before released in foil!
He attacks but the blue player taps out for a big Sphinx’s Revelation to gain enough life to negate the attack.

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