Recent Commentsadmin on The Fast Metabolism Diet FAQadmin on Sweet Potato Tuna Patties – Phase 3admin on How Fermented Foods Promote Healthy Gut HealthYvonne A. This dessert recipe is made with nutritious blueberries and healthy goodness of coconut milk. Place the frozen blueberries, ginger and cashew butter, in a food processor and blend until smooth. Serve immediately if it is still solid enough, or freeze for 2 hours so you can scoop it like “real” ice cream. Reminisce your childhood favorite finger foods and dip with this healthy version of Crispy and Cheesy Fish Sticks rich in omega-3s that’s good for your heart.
Mix breadcrumbs, amaranth flakes, cashew cheese, spice seasoning, and cayenne together in a bowl. Mix all of the ingredients (for dressing) together for the dipping sauce and season with sea salt and pepper to taste.
While the idea of going back to your normal routine sounds gratifying, we cannot help but feel anxious about going off track from the diet. How do we ensure ourselves that we’re not going back to our old, unhealthy habits once again?
Most of us heavily rely on the scale to determine whether we’re losing weight or not.
Exposing yourself to watching tv for a longer period of time not only exposes you to a risk of distractive eating but it also wreaks havoc your sleeping habits. It may sound like a broken playlist, but we wouldn’t get tired of repeating this rule. One of the biggest challenges a lot of us are facing while enjoying a new weight is how to maintain it.
Your confidence then starts to shatter and you found yourself sulking in the corner, wondering what went wrong for you to break the momentum of losing weight.
But before you wallow yourself in self-pity, you might want to reconsider reading these tips in order for you to maintain your weight loss and prevent gaining! One of the common mistakes we’re committing while losing weight is to reward ourselves with food the moment we hit our weight loss goal. Instead of rewarding yourself for a job well done with food, develop a different kind of reward system.
If you can’t help but reward yourself with foods, at least be sure to only eat the phase-specific and healthy ones. Have you ever find yourself losing more weight if you dance rather than doing cardio in Phase 1? It’s really challenging to lose weight if the people around you are dragging you down.
Instead of letting yourself be dragged down by the likes of them, surround yourself with a loving, and caring support group like the fast metabolism diet community.
Now that Mother’s Day is fast approaching, most of our fast metabolism dieters are already thinking of special gifts and surprises for their moms. It’s time for us to give back the love, tender care, and attention that our Moms showered us and what better way to make their day extra special than to prepare delectable and nutritious foods while ensuring their health and well-being?
Since the fast metabolism diet community honors respectable women and mothers, we thought out these 5 exotic yet memorable ideas that you can prepare yourself this Mother’s Day. Likewise, surprise your mom by compiling an album of her pictures, starting from her childhood until parenthood. Since mother’s day fall on a weekend, this is the perfect time for your family to take a break from hectic work and finally get a good rest. There’s nothing more fulfilling than to see your mother indulge in foods you tenderly prepared. In this very special day, let’s commemorate the heroic sacrifices our mother made for us. These delicious and healthy sprouted grain bread covered with creamy brown rice cheese and topped with your favorite strawberry fruit makes up a light but fulfilling breakfast this Mother’s Day!
Mix the chili powder and lemon juice and whisk over the cauliflower and toss with tongs to coat.
Roast the cauliflower until the sauce is bubbling and browned around the edges (5 to 7 minutes).
And since we know that a Mother’s day celebration will not be perfect without a pasta recipe, we present our Shrimp Pasta with Pomodoro Sauce! These Konjac Noodles will satisfy your cravings for pasta while giving you a fulfilling sensation without ruining your diet! If your mother is up for healthy veggie-filled meals, then this Spicy Chili with Avocado toppings will surely suit her taste!
Have you ever wondered why your weight wouldn’t budge no matter how you religiously follow the rules of the diet? In this blog post, we will help you identify what food personality you possess and what we can do about it so it won’t hinder to achieve the ideal weight.
These are the people who solely depend on foods when they are triggered by emotional distress. Remember that it’s alright to indulge yourself in these type of foods on some occasions, but you need to control yourself and practice moderation. These are the people who never stops eating whenever they see foods, even if they’re not hungry. This food personality pertains to people who eat small portions of food, but eat all day long! Just like the insatiable eater, you need to keep a journal with you but this time, pay special attention to how many times you eat, as well as when do you feel like eating. Take a planner with you and list down all the activities you need to attend throughout the day.
Let us all be conscious about our eating habits and try to fix them to achieve optimum health and well-being. Most of us dreaded the Winter season because it impedes us to do our daily routine and most often, it left us with no choice but to stay indoors.
In this blog post, we give you 5 healthy tips to survive the Winter season and what to do when you a flu strikes. Stay with your routine of drinking water half of your body weight (in ounces) per day and add a lemon or lime for some variation. You might feel incredibly lazy in physical activities like workout because of the gloomy weather, but that’s not an excuse to skip your workout.
Winter season can be tough for our fast metabolism diet journey, but with sheer determination and persistence, we can overcome it and enjoy this season while keeping ourselves healthy.
This bean soup with Winter Squash is filled with spices and herbs that give aromatic scent and velvety texture with blended flavors to your food. Add 3 quarts of the water and bring to a simmer over moderate heat, skimming as necessary to remove the foam that rises to the surface. Add the squash and the remaining 1 cup of water, cover and simmer over low heat until the squash is just tender, about 10 minutes.
This hangover chicken soup’s nutritious elements of fry-up breakfast tend to be a good rehydrating soup for those who caught a cold this Winter.
2 Saute the onion and garlic on a low heat in 1 tbsp of Tamari sauce and 2 tbsp water, stirring regularly to prevent them catching and burning. Depending on the coconut milk you buy, your sour cream might end up a little grainier than dairy sour cream. 3 Meanwhile, place the dried chillies in a bowl with the tomato vines, and cover with 500ml of boiling water. 4 When the tomatoes are ready, carefully turn them over and grill for a further five minutes, or until the skins are crisp and charred.
5 When ready, discard the vines and transfer the tomatoes and all of their juices into a blender, along with the chillies, their soaking water and lime juice.
So talk about recovering and healthy lifestyle, we prepared some healthy detoxifying tips to flush out toxins from our body that was accumulated during the holiday season. You’ve probably heard this tip over and over again, but water is still our best friend when it comes to cleansing our body. Parsley and Cilantro are very powerful green plants that help detoxify the heavy metals of your body.
Take 10 deep, slow breaths counting 4 seconds in, 8 seconds in holding your breath and another 8 seconds in letting it out. This healthy detoxifying soup will help you kickstart your new year by having a healthy meal. We hope that these tips will help you get back on track in the fast metabolism diet and will keep inspiring you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Getting rid of our unhealthy habits for a better health is really tricky and difficult, especially if we are committing most of these bad habits intrinsically. To help you identify the bad habits you need to let go, we’ve listed some common and destructive habits that might left unnoticed.
Getting rid of those harmful plastic food containers is a big step in reducing your exposure to endocrine and hormone-disrupting chemicals like Bisphenol-A (BPA), bisphenol- S (BPS), and Phthalates.
The heat, wearing, and tearing of the plastic containers through multiple washing increases the risks in harmful chemicals being leached from these containers.
Recommendation: It would be best to fully avoid plastic containers and replace it with glass bottles and containers.
Electronic devices distract you from concentrating on your health and well-being, making you more prone into binge-eating and over-eating. Year 2016 is an opportunity to be better so don’t waste this opportunity to make a change and influence others. Bake on the upper rack until the prosciutto is sizzling and browned in spots, 15 to 20 minutes. Meanwhile, whisk pineapple juice, ketchup, cider vinegar, arrowroot powder and garlic powder in a small bowl. Eating walnuts in moderation but on a regular basis may help to reduce blood cholesterol levels and guard against heart disease and cancer.
Traditionally, the shells for mini-tartlets are made from pie dough prepared with a high percentage of shortening or butter. Brush the bread cases with the melted applesauce and bake until crisp and golden, about 8 to 10 minutes. Remove the lid, turn up the heat and cook rapidly, stirring, until the onions turn a dark golden brown. Divide the onion filling among the bread cases, then sprinkle the chopped walnuts over the top. Add the bacon, onion and chopped carrots to the pot; cook, stirring, until soft, about 5 minutes. Put the celery, bay leaves, ground pepper, cinnamon, cloves and herb sprigs on a square of cheesecloth and tie into a pouch with kitchen twine; add to the pot and bring to a simmer.
Transfer the vegetables to a plate using a slotted spoon and transfer the roast to a cutting board. Heat 2 tablespoons coconut oil in a large, heavy nonstick skillet over medium-high heat until hot.
Add the shallots to the skillet and cook over medium heat, stirring, until golden, about 3 minutes. The great thing about pears is that it can be eaten by anyone, even with those people who have food sensitivities and allergies.
The good thing, though, is that the news and medical developments we’ve heard on the internet are not all negative.
Before we officially close this year and welcome the New Year 2016, let us look back on these 7 Outstanding Medical Developments that shaped the future of our medical industry. This Easy and Delectable Veggie with Quinoa is a perfect on-the-go recipe this Chinese New Year. Add egg and swirl to coat pan; cook egg through, remove to a plate and break egg up into small pieces with a fork. We all love the creamy texture and delicious flavor brought to us with this mouth-watering dessert. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives your body the nourishment it needs in order to survive throughout the day. And the moment the scale goes up, we became beyond frustrated that we’re gaining weight.
Watching on TV’s for a longer period of time promotes sedentary lifestyle instead of using that time to exercise and keep moving.
On the first few days or weeks, seeing the positive results of the diet gives us an ecstatic feeling. While it is gratifying to treat ourselves with our favorite foods (also known as cheating days), we tend to forget about controlling our portions, hence, one of the main reasons for gaining the weight you’ve recently lose back! You can reward yourself with buying and trying fitting clothes (which you were unable to do before)!
Did you lose weight in eating sweet potatoes rather than eating brown rice as your source of grains? When you’ve gained back your weight in the middle of the diet, the naysayers will probably attack you and discourage you in continuing your diet.
There will be times where you’ll fall off from the weight loss wagon, met some struggles and challenges along the way, but what matters the most is your determination to pursue and finish the diet program.
Mother’s day is the perfect time to honor the most valuable and influential woman in our life, the one who nurtures us with unending love.
Aside from the fact that it provides you and your family the freshest foods to eat, gardening helps ease the tensions in your body and makes you feel relaxed. Add stevia and lemon juice and cook, stirring until the stevia melts and the mixture begins to bubble. Spread the cauliflower on a rimmed baking sheet and roast for 20 to 25 minutes or until it begins to turn to brown and just tender. All of us are craving for sweet and delectable pasta recipes, if not for its impending risks of weight gain and other health issues, we would have long succumbed to those cravings. Relish in the sweet perfect blend of shrimp, spices, and your homemade pomodoro sauce paired with the miraculous Konja Noodles! One pound of beef bulk up with eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash and mushroom is one sure guarantee of a sumptuous, healthy, and heavenly meal.
Continue to chop (mince the jalapeno) the remaining ingredients adding each to the pot and stirring in.
By the time you’ve finished slicing and adding in the ingredients, the beef will be already cooked and moisture will seeping out of the veggies.
This will help you develop some strategies in diverting your attention when you’re emotional eating is being triggered.
This will help you analyze how much food you’re eating and choose between what foods you need to prioritize on eating to achieve optimum health and what foods to drop. Chew your foods properly and you’ll be amazed how you can get full with only eating the proper amount of food your body needs. They are prone to eating at fast food chains all the time because they find it more convenient to order in just seconds away rather than cooking foods for themselves. Winter not only destroys our exercise routine but, it can also be awful in terms with our skin, nails, and hair.
It’s a perfect time for you to start exploring new and delicious veggies for a good diet. This is the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your delectable soup recipes and warm our tummy and heart. Place half of the cherry tomatoes in a small roasting dish with the Tabasco sauce, a pinch of salt and a generous grinding of pepper. Serve topped with the Tabasco-roasted tomatoes, some chopped parsley and Tabasco sauce on the side for an added kick! Place the tray on a shelf as close to the grill as possible and cook for 30-40 minutes until nicely blackened. Blend until smooth, season to taste, reheat and serve garnished with a spoonful of coconut soured cream. And that means, we are back to the daily grind but on the positive side, we are about to end the binge eating season as well. Drinking a lot of water will flush out all the foreign elements in our body and hydrate it to balance out our body salt.
Your lymphatic system is composed of nodes, spleen, thymus, and vessels that help protect your body from diseases. These artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame and sucralose not only causes our body to store fat and increase our insulin level, but it also increases our risks in heart attacks, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. Go for natural sweeteners like stevia and xylitol where it lets you indulge with your sweet cravings without worrying about spiking up your sugar.
The best way to focus on your health is to stay away from electronic devices during eating and sleeping time. Most of these habits that we need to let go can be hard at first but with self-control and determination, we can actually do it. If your new year’s resolution includes healthy eating, then these flavorful healthy recipes are perfect for you! Add the garlic and chopped mushroom stems and cook, stirring, until tender, 3 to 5 minutes.

This is because they contain omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamin E, selenium and other antioxidants. In this recipe, the bread “shells” are brushed with just a small amount of butter and baked to get a similar result with a lot less fat.
Add the tomato paste and garlic; cook, stirring, until the paste starts to sizzle, about 4 minutes. Add the mustard and heavy cream made of egg whites and rice milk and bring to a boil, cooking until slightly thickened, about 3 minutes.
One medium-sized pear offers up to 6 grams of fibers, and you’re already halfway of meeting your daily requirement of 25-30 grams of fiber.
It is known to reduce blood pressure and is beneficial for cancer prevention, so don’t waste those peels! But now, it seems like pears have taken the crown for it has far better benefits than apples. While we put attention to losing weight and live a healthy lifestyle, we’ve also encountered controversial issues along the way that become in hype in the medical industry. There are some remarkable scientific inventions and discoveries that solve our current medical condition and improves the state of Science which we are enjoying now. Matthias Gromeier of Duke University, along with his colleagues, have successfully re-engineered the polio virus and turns out into our health advantage. Leukemia Treatment BreakthroughWe are all aware that the most common solution for treating leukemia is by bone marrow operation. A smooth and creamy smoothie made with the perfect blend of coconut milk, almond butter with pinch of nuts! If you have a thinner piece of white fish, it may be harder for it to stay together without the skin. If you don’t eat breakfast, your body will be deprived and it will send emergency hormones to your body that can trigger withholding fat instead losing it. The most important thing is to fill your stomach with something healthy the moment you wake up. But before you go in panic and started taking drastic measures to shed those pounds again, take a moment to ponder your thoughts.
Remember that you might be gaining weight (in scale) but in reality, you’ve gained more muscles and lose fats.
Drinking water helps in transporting the nutrients all over your body while it flushes the toxins out. Remember that fast metabolism diet is a healthy lifestyle, and there’s nothing we ever wanted than to see you live a healthy life that you deserve! They don’t want to miss out on any milestones in your life and so, they would love to document everything. Cover and lower to a simmer, cooking at least 30 minutes allowing all the flavors to merge. Instead of resorting to eating when stressed out, do other sort of activities to calm your nerves like reading a book or drawing. You can also cook your meals in advance so that you’ll just have to reheat them first thing in the morning. These people tend not to mind how much they’re eating because their attention is being drawn elsewhere. Our skin is very dry during the winter season, so it’s important that we properly hydrate ourselves. Our body naturally responds to the environment’s darkness and gloomy weather, making you feel tired and sleepy. After about 10 minutes, when nicely browned and caramelised, add the mushrooms and remaining tomatoes and cook for a further 3-4 minutes.
Tomato Soup with Coconut Soured Cream transforms your tomato fix into a smoky, sweet and rich soup with warmth and spice of chillies. When your body lacks exercise and intake of healthy foods, your lymphatic system may become sluggish, making you more prone into illness.
Sit and enjoy chewing your food, relish the feeling of those healthy foods and you will find yourself eating more healthy foods and controlling your food portions. All we need is one step forward, one by one, small steps or big ones, we can definitely get there! If you are feeling like the chief cook this New Years celebration, then wear the hat and prep these delicious New Years Eve recipes for the family.
Add the baby spinach, ? teaspoon kosher salt, and ? teaspoon pepper and cook, tossing, until wilted, 2 to 3 minutes more. Cover with the lid and cook over a low heat for 20 minutes or until the onions are very soft.
Season the meat with kosher salt and pepper and sprinkle with the quinoa flour; add to the pot and cook until browned, about 5 minutes per side.
Fiber regulates the transportation of sugar to your bloodstream, making you feel fuller for a long period of time and decreases the risks of binge-eating. Pears are rarely heard when it comes to nutritional health tips, but they do offer a lot of amazing health benefits that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Among them is the study results of WHO’s IARC on Red and Processed Meat and the recent controversy on the approval of GMO Salmon Consumption.
This engineered polio virus called PVS-RIPO was used to treat brain tumors or any other tumors. But Professor Waseem Qasim of Cell and Gene Therapy at UCL Institute of Child’s Health had reinvented the leukemia treatment by reprogramming the T cells.
It also keeps the balance of salt-water concentration in your body that often causes water weight.
But suddenly it didn’t turned out well in the middle of the second or third week, you found your weight got stuck! If you’re not fond of clothes, you can treat yourself to a movie, spa, or massage treatment.
To remind you how the fast metabolism diet works and help you determine what had gone wrong for you to lose track of losing weight.
The fast metabolism diet community wants you to enjoy eating healthy foods (even pastas) without worrying about sabotaging your diet! Oftentimes they didn’t realize why they are not losing weight (after all, their portions are too small!) yet they fail to notice that they’re eating all day long! Record these events and strategize your meal map to control yourself from eating all day long.
Your workout will become a whiz before you even realize that you’re now sweating profusely!
Sear over medium-high heat, turning once halfway through, until browned, about 12 minutes for medium. Spoon the sauce on a plate; place the beef on the sauce and scatter the mushrooms over top. These minerals are antioxidants that reduce your risk on breast cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.
In fast metabolism diet, you can have Asian Pears and Pears in P1 while Prickly Pears in P3.
These stories were indeed appalling as it directly affects our food consumption, safety, and lifestyle in general. Stick to what works for a little while and drop those activities that make you uncomfortable.
Another thing is to never drink the fruit in its juice form so you can also enjoy its high fiber content.
Flatten each sprouted-grain bread disc with a rolling pin, then press into the muffin cups to line them evenly, curving the edge of the bread slightly to make large scallop shapes.
Cover with the parchment and lid and return to the oven until the meat is fork-tender, 1 hour, 30 minutes, to 2 hours more. You can pair it with a cup of your favorite hot chocolate in Phase 3, or herbal teas in any phase. Well, that’s pretty normal but we have to recover from the unhealthy stuff we did last holidays ASAP so we can start the new year right.
Another great year has passed and today we’re embarking to another year of challenges but striving to live a healthy lifestyle.

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