Steel Cut oatmeal is a delicious and nutrient rich breakfast food, and a must have for the Fast Metabolism diet-of which I have bravely taken on this month!
A couple things to note, depending on the phase, you will need to switch out your "milk" ingredients. One other thing, I am adding in this post an apple topping variation which I thought was for phase 3. Recent Commentsadmin on The Fast Metabolism Diet FAQadmin on Sweet Potato Tuna Patties – Phase 3admin on How Fermented Foods Promote Healthy Gut HealthYvonne A.

So for phase 1 I recommend using unsweetened vanilla organic rice milk and for phase 3 I recommend using organic unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Divide among containers, top with fresh berries if you wish and an extra sprinkle of sweetener, label and freeze.
It seems the clean eating really sets your body up for NOT liking anything you are not making yourself.
I cook it up, divide it up into individual servings, top some with some fresh fruit and keep some plain, label which phase the oatmeal is for and freeze.

So my advice is, no eating out until you take yourself off of the FMD with some maintenance. Surprised they are a No for phase 3?) So I am giving you the apple topping I used but perhaps use it as a maintenance recipe once you are off the phases.

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