When you work out, you may be tempted to quit when you get tired, but you may not be taxing your muscles enough. When you face losing weight and you want to drop the pounds quickly, you need to understand the importance of structure and repetition. About Jari LoveJari Love is a certified personal trainer and the creator of Get RIPPED!™, the five-phase, no-nonsense full body workout system designed to help people of any fitness level shed unwanted pounds in just weeks.
Weight training will be the most successful option, but most people think of cardio instead. Through the proper form and lighter weights than you may think you need, you can actually lose more weight and build more muscle than you would have imagined.
By doing the right number of reps in each type of weight training, you will be able to tax your muscles as much as you should without risking injury.

You may think that by skipping meals, you can drop the pounds, but you will actually be sabotaging yourself. However, when you use weights, you will actually be building muscle, dropping pounds, and making yourself healthier overall. Essentially, you want your muscles to build fiber over time, and that means pushing them through resistance training. It’s hard to not overeat during the holiday season because there are so many good things, like sugary cookies, heaps of pot roast, turkey, and dressing. However, when you eat the right foods and exercise like you should, then your body will have no choice but to burn fat stores. In fact, if you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s a good idea to keep a food and exercise journal throughout the year.

When you have a structured routine for your daily plan, you will be able to stick with it without accidentally slacking off. You cannot just tackle one thing: exercise or diet and expect to lose all of those holiday pounds.
Of course, though, after the holidays, you are left feeling very bad about all that extra weight you have gained. Instead, when you understand your body, you will see why it is important to work on both healthy foods and a quality exercise plan.

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