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We all know that doing an aerobic workout to sweat at the gym is really good for the body, but it is really hard for many of us, and we prefer the pace of a walking program.
These researchers found that every aspect of the cardio benefits gained are significantly higher in the hard cardio workout group than in the walking group.

Tous ces films que je n'ai pas en ma possession, mais que je voudrais voir pour une raison ou une autre. If you have type 2 diabetes, or joint problems, walking is safer, and is still a very effective workout. For example, if you decide to work out three times a week, you can do two days of weight training and with 20 minutes (and eventually to 30 minutes) of cardio workout using a machine at a gym, and choose one day for a long walk.
So, keep up a good pace when you walk and greet your friends with a strong, firm handshake, states a new study by British experts. In this way, you won’t be straining your body too much, and you will still get a significant cardiovascular workout benefit.

After 6 months on the program, the former group achieved significantly lower blood pressure, higher lung capacity, and higher oxygen intake, and found that it felt much easier to work out. It is easy and painless; each week you will see an improvement and before you know it you will be able to run 3 miles.

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