And before you say that's garbage, let me immediately give you the science behind my statement.
On the contrary, if you want to gain muscle mass you MUST eat slightly more calories than you burn.
Since there is NO WAY you can be both at the same time, there is NO WAY that you can gain muscle and burn fat simultaneously. As I said this type of muscle gain while (most likely) deficient on calories may happen only in the beginning and only until the body adapts to the new stress. If you are still reading this article I assume you are pass that point, so like I said this occasion shouldn't concern you.
The second occasion is if you (well, not you of course) use banned medication of some type (steroids, hGH, IGF-1), which may cause muscle mass gain in a state of negative calorie balance. What happens in reality is instead of gaining muscle mass, or in other words increasing the circumference (or the number) of contractile tissue, you increase the water content in the muscle fiber. How build muscle lose fat time, This very important article details how you can bulk up while losing fat at the same time.
How lose fat, fit, build muscle , There is common assumption that more exercise is better. Fat loss, lose weight, lose fat faster, build muscle, , Building strength essential component losing weight.
If that's something you would like to achieve in your own life, but you're not quite sure where to begin, then I'd love to help you!

I think you will see a LOT of toned muscle’s and a more denfeid body structure if you do this regimine. For this reason, and because I am sick and tired of answering this question over and over, you are going to encounter the simple truth right now. In other words what goes in your body in terms of food and calories MUST be less than what you burn throughout your day. To some degree, I repeat, to some degree you may see muscle mass gained and fat being burned at the same time in only two occasions. Both of these ultimately produce a short term hypertrophy (muscle mass gain) in the beginner. Any way, like I said that was just for your information, so that you don't get to ask this question again next time you see someone bulking up (or at least that's what's appearing on the surface) while getting leaner at the same time. Up until this moment science (still) has not given us a straight and useful answer of the question how to build muscle and burn fat at the same time.
REDUCE STRESS, Stress makes the body enter a catabolic state, which begins to break down muscle. I love working out and motivating others to do the same, and to get in the best shape of their life.
Only you know if you could be a fitness model or not but with the body type your are explaining and what you plan on doing I don’t see why not, you might even be able to become a trainer.
And guess what happens later on when you (actually not you, may be someone else) get off of the "stuff"?

Once you know for sure, go for it and don't let any distractions and uninformed thoughts get on the way.
You must push yourself to release those muscle-building hormones like testosterone to begin building those muscles. Limit your time you spend doing cardio because you need those calories to build size and not be burned away doing cardio. A calm and relaxed person tends to build muscle faster than his easily upset and hot-tempered counterpart. I created this website to help people struggling to build muscle and lose weight and to motivate and encourage them to get in the best shape of their life. So if you’re engaging in really intense workouts, you’re burning calories, so you need to replace what you’re burning AND SOME. With over 10 years training, I know exactly what it takes to build muscle, burn fat, increase strength, get fit and healthy and ultimately get an awesome body (without killing yourself in the gym or going on a super strict diet). I, too, thought and hoped that I can shorten my way to a better body by shedding fat while building muscle at the same time.

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