People who are not overweight or obese can have belly fat deposits.A  Most of us want to improve the look of our abs.
Lou Schuler, co-author of a€?The New Rules of Lifting for Absa€? says that Crunches are not effective enough to get great midsection as they use only the muscles on the front and sides of the abdomen.
Schuler recommends different varieties of stabilization exercises for abs based on the training program developed by co-author and personal trainer Alwyn Cosgrove.
To get more stabilization- while doing the lifting of the body, try to lift and lower the top leg and holding it for 5 to 10 counts. Make the exercise harder- to make the exercise even harder to provide a better result try lifting one leg and walk.
Find a spacious floor area which will allow you to move your body forward for 10 to 20 yards.
Drop down to the push up position with the arms and legs straight and the feet at hip wide apart. Make it harder if you want to make it harderA  and want to involve some more musclesA  you can try walking around in a circle.
Apart from having the proper work out it is necessary to control the diet you are taking to reduce the belly fat.

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We want it to be flat and well toned.A  People are after different methods to lose the belly fat and to get the washboard ABS. It is necessary to give proper work out for all the muscles in the abdomen and the muscles in the lower back, upper thighs and hips. Lift your hips off the floor and balance your body on forearm and feet.A  Keep your abdominals contracted when you lift your body. This exercise makes your entire body muscles work and help to stabilize the body to burn fat more effectively.
Flexing ab muscles will not be as effective as extending the core in achieving flat abs.A  Get even the stubborn flab removed using the new rules of lifting abs. The core exercises suggested by Schuler such as the plank exercise not only help to burn more calories, but also reduces the chances of back pain and also helps to improve the body posture.
In this exercise you will be supporting your body only on two points of contact hence your body muscles will have to work more to make to stabilize. Hold the body in this position for 30 -45 seconds and lower the body.A  Switch the sides and repeat the exercise.

This will help your body to achieve faster and longer lasting result in losing tummy fat and gaining stronger muscles. Eat healthy food with good amount of fiber and protein.A  Get out of your myths about ab-training and get a shapely body and flat stomach by following the above mentioned stomach exercises.
Poor posture, unhealthy diet and lack of proper ABS exercise can lead to fat deposition in the stomach area.A  Not all exercises are capable of reducing the belly fat.
This will help in the use of fat deposits and development of muscles in the abdominal area.
The photographs in the book will help to maintain the correct posture while doing your ABS works out.A  Make use of this book and get benefited by it.
Though most of the people believe that crunches are the best way to achieve strong and flat abs, it is not completely true. So, instead of going for crunches try the new and effective abs exercises given in a€?The New Rules of Lifting for Absa€? and achieve a perfectly toned and flatter tummy.

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