The fastest way to lose weight besides weight loss surgery or liposuction is to juice your way thin. In the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, Joe Cross is on mission to lose weight and recover from an autoimmune disease. Fresh juices are the best way to get a concentrated portion of plant-based nutrients in a readily absorbable form. If you usually eat your vegetables cooked, the heat destroys some nutrients and enzymes, says Micheal Murray N.D. If you’re going to go all out and juice to lose weight and improve your health, consider purchasing organic produce.

Before starting a juicing program, it’s very important to talk with your doctor first. Once the nutrients reach your stomach, the nutrients are immediately absorbed into your system.
Joe planed to travel across the United States in sixty days talking with Americans about food, health and longevity. During the 60 days he also vows to consume nothing but juice made from fresh vegetables and fruit. By the end of his journey, Joe has lost a lot of weight quickly and recovered from his disease. Andrew Saul in the documentary Forks Over Knives states many cases of depression and mental illness are linked to malnutrition and eating fresh fruits and vegetables and juicing is one of the best ways to overcome these types of conditions.

So if you’re not only overweight or obese but also depressed, juicing may likely help you tackle both excess weight and anxiety.

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