1) Camomile Tea – As well as having a stellar calming influence, camomile tea will work wonders when it comes to blitzing that post-pregnancy bloat. Try it – A cup before bed each evening will help you to drift off, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be fitting back into those skinny jeans before you know it. 3) Salmon – Not only is it delicious, this oily fish is high in protein and rich in essential fatty acids like Omega 3s which will help your body to burn off fat. Try it – Nothing beats an indulgent Sunday morning breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs!
4) Pineapple – Containing the essential enzyme Bromelain, pineapple aids the break-down of proteins in the gut to help you combat bloating and slim your figure. 5) Fennel Seeds – With a sweet liquorice flavour and a whole host of bloat banishing properties, fennel seeds are a must-have digestion aiding ingredient for your kitchen cupboard. 6) Avocado – This super tasty superfood is having a Vogue moment right now – and rightly so!
7) Ginger – Aiding digestion and easing gas, this spicy root is the first thing many of us reach for when feeling bloated. 8) Almonds – A handful of these clever little nuts make a great low calorie yet highly satisfying snack. 9) Apple cider vinegar – Top model and mum of one Miranda Kerr swears by apple cider vinegar for a detoxing, belly fat blasting health boost. Try it – Add a teaspoonful to boiled water and allow it to cool for the ultimate detox drink. 10) Watermelon – Offering high water content and plenty of potassium, a delicious slice of watermelon after a meal will help to beat the bloat.

We have noticed you are visiting from the United States, to see your prices in Dollars and the correct shipping rates please switch to our US Store. It’s time for summer fun—and for most of us that means breaking out the bikini or swimsuit. Filled with fiber and rich in pectin, a substance that stops cells from absorbing fat, this superfood is one of the easiest bikini body foods to fit into your day.
Wild-caught salmon spurs the body’s production of leptin, which naturally suppresses the appetite so you’re less likely to overeat. The body burns more calories digesting these skinnylicious fat-blasting foods than refined (processed) grains, like white bread. All berries are loaded with nutrition, but we especially like raspberries because they offer ketones, compounds that help the body break up fat more effectively.
From kale to spinach to broccoli, leafy greens fill you up on fiber and nutrients—without excess calories. They’re low in calories, full of protein, and filling, making them an ideal food for getting beach ready. These are one of the overlooked bikini body foods, but they’re high in protein and offer vitamin B12, which helps the body break down fat.
Non-fat, plain Greek yogurt contains lean muscle-building protein plus probiotics to blast belly bloat. Get ready to take off that cover-up and flaunt a bikini-ready body by stocking the kitchen and pantry with foods for burning fat. Build a swimsuit-proud body with 36 Fat Blasters, a program that helps you reach your fitness goals with guided workouts that burn fat and tone muscle—and it costs about the same or less than a fast food meal!

Sign up and we'll send you the latest recipes, menu plans, fitness tips, and workouts each week. Its good fats will fill you up for hours, and its high potassium levels will reduce water retention and bloating. And as an added bonus it acts as an anti-inflammatory, expanding the blood vessels, increasing your body heat and helping you to burn off fat.
Replace those mid-morning biscuits with almonds to satisfy your sweet tooth & keep you full until lunch. And of course in the meantime great maternity and nursing clothes, along with a tummy-controlling pair of our Post Maternity Shaping Leggings, will give you that extra boost of confidence to strut your stuff in style. Try Salmon Provencal with Wilted Spinach and Olives, a yummy dish that’s easier to make than it sounds!
It delivers hunger-busting fiber and a serving of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), which contribute to belly fat burn. She's a long-time martial arts teacher who has earned a 4th degree black belt in tae kwon do.
When Amy's not writing or kicking, she's wrangling sons, reading fiction, or crushing on BBC actors.

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