The schematic is the result of looking at my unit and skeching out the component placement.
One odd feature that confused me at first was that the drain and source connections of Tr1 have been switched. The most obvious thing that strikes me is that the Fat Boost is very closely related to minibooster designs that have been posted previously - for example the fets and other component values are identical to previous internet posted schematics and only an input trim and crude tone control have been added.
The only thing that I did not verify personally is the part number of Tr1 and Tr2 which were obscured by goop that I was not able to remove without scratching the part number.

Since they are interchangeable this has no affect on the circuit working and was done to make the pc board placement easier. I was amazed that so little had been changed, Fulltone basically lifted the circuit from the Net for use!
A couple of mods were suggested but the parts involved are so coated with epoxy that I don't think I can get them off the board. 2n5457 was reported as the fet numbers and from the partial number that I did see under the goop this could be correct.

Fulltone has botched the minibooster in some fashion -likely in the tone control since it is very dark and should be labeled "MUD" instead of Tone. If you want a transparent clean boost for your amp to kick it up a notch, try the MXR MicroAmp or build one of the free designs available online.

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