I promised that I was gonna do a write up on our fuel sources, or rather, where do we get our energy from when we exercise  so here it goes.
How our body decides which fuel to use depends on the intensity of the exercise we’re doing. Exercise intensity which is measured in VO2 max is just an indication of how intense or difficult the exercise is to a person. My recommendation is for you to keep your carbohydrates, you may probably lessen the amount, but never completely cut them out.
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Most of the time when purchasing a weight loss supplement they will be specified for either men or women.
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It is the easiest to burn out of the three and produces a decent amount of energy (approximately 4 cals per gram). Look at this graph below (I took it from some slides from The University of South Carolina Aiken by a Doctor Brian Parr).
Now, just a reminder that what may seem difficult to you, may actually be easy peasy to the next person, so exercise intensity is subjective. You need to know that even though exercising at low heart rate intensities burn more fat than carbs, it is a percentage and in actual fact it only burns very little in absolute.
And many trainers out there will recommend you to up your protein intake and maybe cut out carbs.
You can continue to drink your protein shakes but only if you plan on training hard frequently i.e. Simply put, it took you 9 months to put on that weight, it’ll take you roughly 9 months to shake it off, gain your fitness back and go back to your pre-pregnancy body. If you’re still breast feeding that will also use up a lot of energy and you get more tired.
Are you trying to slim down and get trimmed but don’t want to decrease your muscle mass?

Most of the popular weight loss supplements such as Garcinia Cambogia focus on making you feel full so you eat less. Your unused calories will no longer get stored as body fat which will help you avoid gaining any further weight.
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It comes in the form of muscle glycogen which is stored in your muscles for fast metabolism and plasma glucose which is stored in your body fluids so it travels everywhere in your body. The top two colours (Muscle glycogen and plasma glucose) are carbohydrates and the bottom two colours are fat. You could see that at 25%, which is an easy work out (like maybe a stroll in the park) and your heart rate is maybe only up to 75% of max, you burn mostly FAT and very little CARB. For example, walking slowly for 30 minutes in the park may burn up to maybe 100 kcals in absolute total.
Not really the best idea, because when you cut out carbs, and you continue to train hard, what do you think is going to happen? As long as you plan to exercise frequently, you should always have some carbs to fuel your exercise. While this may work for some people most of the time it just results with you feeling jittery and sick. The way this product accelerates your weight loss is by combining antioxidant and thermogenic properties. A handful of well-known fat burning ingredients were used in this weight loss formula such as HCA and Chlorogenic Acid. Note that this is in Percentage of total fuel source and not an absolute value. As intensity of the work out increases to 85%, which is maybe running for most people, and the heart rate goes up to about 80-90% of max, your body starts to switch to more CARB and less FAT burn.
Of this 100 kcals, 85% which is 85 kcals, were Fat fuels and the other 15% were carbohydrate fuels.
And while you’re eating, just eat more organic sources of protein like eggs and meat which I think your body would prefer to use, rather than processed powder form protein.
Also, a lot depends on the type of exercises you do…very often an exercise routine becomes stale after a few months and your weight loss will reach a plateau. In order to bulk up quickly you must be taking in the right amount calories or you risk impacting your muscle growth.

Fat Burn X however helps you lose weight by utilizing your stored body fat to get burned as an energy source. Your fat cells will actually get released into your bloodstream and used as a fuel source to energize your workouts. Normally you would find these ingredients in a product of their own making this supplement super effective! Because when we are working out that hard, the body wants energy FAST and EASILY available. You will need to modify your exercise routine by increasing intensity or changing the movements so your body will start to burn again. On the other side of the spectrum you must limit your calorie intake when trying to lose weight.
This will ensure you do not effect your muscle growth all while increasing your energy during workouts. When you go for a high intensity workout like a run for 30 minutes, you may burn up to maybe 300 kcals.
This dietary supplement will help balance these two factors so you can get shredded and lean at the same time. If your ready to finally get those six pack abs and lower your body fat percentage, order your trial bottle from this amazing offer!
Of this, 30% which is about 100 kcals, were from fat fuels and the rest were from carbohydrates. So while you’re drinking protein and wasting away at least half of it, your body is continuously burning fuel because of your training. On top of this, you cut out carbs from your diet, so it has NO CHOICE but to start burning up protein!
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