And before you say that's garbage, let me immediately give you the science behind my statement. On the contrary, if you want to gain muscle mass you MUST eat slightly more calories than you burn. Since there is NO WAY you can be both at the same time, there is NO WAY that you can gain muscle and burn fat simultaneously. As I said this type of muscle gain while (most likely) deficient on calories may happen only in the beginning and only until the body adapts to the new stress.
If you are still reading this article I assume you are pass that point, so like I said this occasion shouldn't concern you.
The second occasion is if you (well, not you of course) use banned medication of some type (steroids, hGH, IGF-1), which may cause muscle mass gain in a state of negative calorie balance.
What happens in reality is instead of gaining muscle mass, or in other words increasing the circumference (or the number) of contractile tissue, you increase the water content in the muscle fiber. It's harder to build muscle and burn fat first of all, because our body doesn't respond like when we were 18.
When you are older it takes longer, it takes much more dedication to achieve your goal, and a lot more motivation. They can slow you down, but won't stop you from getting what you want: build muscle and burn fat.
You can just think of going to the gym, do a bunch of exercises and then go for a beer with your friends. Diet is always the most important thing, that where your calorie intake comes from, and the quality of those calories.
If you don't eat right you can imagine how hard, if not impossible, is to build muscle and burn fat. Eating right will definitely help you burn fat indirectly, this is a fact, so promise yourself that you will start a healthy diet! You have to exercise properly, go to muscle failure each set, do compound exercises and do short training sessions and check your testosterone levels. So many times I heard people saying "I don't want to build muscle, I want to lose weight, not get bigger!". One person can weight as much as a much bigger person if he has a muscular body and the other one is fat.
So you understand that you shouldn't really look at the numbers on the scale as long as your body shape looks good.
One very important aspect of fat loss is that building muscle helps burning fat even without spending boring hours on a treadmill. Strength training works better than aerobics for getting fit and burning fat because building muscle helps raising your metabolism rate. If you follow a correct workout program to build muscle you will see fast body changes because muscle is what shapes your body. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I want to explain a few secrets of endurance training by answering some fair and common questions about it.
As the temperatures start to get pleasant, it gets harder and harder to drag yourself to the gym to get the exercise you need. Before we analyze the HIIT training benefits, I'd like to spend a minute explaining what HIIT is.
By continuing to use this website without changing the settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I as lucky enough to get an a copy of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle sent directly to me from Tom Venuto himself, thanks to my ambassadorship with Fitfluential.
One of the topics that Tom Venuto discusses in in the first part of the book is the importance of goal-setting. Tom stresses the importance of having a three-month goal, because it gives more of a sense of urgency than a one-year goal would. I’ve read several diet books that recommend that women eat anywhere from 1,100-1,500 calories a day- and that still continues to shock me! Tom Venuto discusses the various body types and how each effects how your body responds to food and exercise.
A starting point for metabolically healthy and active individuals is to aim for 50% carbs, 30% protein and 20% fat. Tom emphasizes the importance of protein and why it’s so crucial for muscle repair and growth. The books suggests eating 4-5 meals each day, depending on your schedule and lifestyle needs. After struggling with disordered eating, I became transfixed with both calorie counting and then macros. I have no read this book, so I do not mean to attack it and I am so happy you have found a resource you really adhere to! So far my most influential book has been It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.
I also appreciate the fact about a cheat meal versus cheat day – I need to keep that in mind.

Burn the Fat Feed The Muscle created by Tom Venuto, is a proper solution, which brings users safe and positive effect. Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle is a comprehensive guide for everyone, who wishes to get a healthy and attractive body.
The author claims “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle” is a comprehensive solution, which help users reduce their fats, gain hard muscle, and maintain a healthy living. For those, who wish to get instant access to Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle should visit the official page here.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. For this reason, and because I am sick and tired of answering this question over and over, you are going to encounter the simple truth right now. In other words what goes in your body in terms of food and calories MUST be less than what you burn throughout your day. To some degree, I repeat, to some degree you may see muscle mass gained and fat being burned at the same time in only two occasions. Both of these ultimately produce a short term hypertrophy (muscle mass gain) in the beginner.
Any way, like I said that was just for your information, so that you don't get to ask this question again next time you see someone bulking up (or at least that's what's appearing on the surface) while getting leaner at the same time.
Up until this moment science (still) has not given us a straight and useful answer of the question how to build muscle and burn fat at the same time.
The body we used to have when we didn't even care of what we were eating or doing to stay in shape. Eating right doesn't make you burn fat directly, but at least it doesn't make you store more fat, and it helps you build muscle, which helps you burn more fat like we're going to see in a while. You can't build muscle if you spend 2 hours at the gym every day, or if you go and just "lift some weights". It is the way to burn fat after workout, even while you sleep because after HIIT (High Intesity Interval Training) your body keeps burning fat for up to 24 hours due to an increased metabolism rate. I became a fitness passionate during the last 10 years, where I learned a lot by studying and also through personal experience. Cookies are files stored in your browser and are used by most websites to help personalize your web experience. I still go back and reference a lot of the tools that Jackie shares in her book and really like her style of eating and exercising. I’ll admit- the book sat on my kitchen counter for over a week due to not having enough time to set aside to read it at first. Many diets result in losing weight- but that weight can often come from lean body mass (which you don’t want to lose!). I’d love to think that when I look at this goal (for the millionth time) on April first, that it really has become true.
The chapter that really turned on a light bulb for me was Chapter 8- Balancing Your Macronutrients. If you want accelerated fat loss, decrease the carbs and increase the protein for a balance of 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat. In addition to that, it’s important to pay attention to when protein is consumed (as related to exercise) and combining protein with carbs for a post-workout meal. While both are good ways to lose weight, I find that at the end of the day, it is far too much focus on food for anyone – unless you are in need of a specific diet for training purposes. No matter how specific a fitness nutritionist gets, your body is still more knowledgable about your needs, which I argue can and will change from day to day. Typically speaking we need to eat more than our BMR because our BMR is just the energy needed to sustain our bodily functions, like breath and digestion. I haven’t been paying attention to macros, but in the last few weeks I have focused on cleaner eating. For me it was the lightbulb of why my prep worked, as well as giving me the tools to do it myself (even though I chose to go back with my trainer). Just went out for dinner, ate pretty well, but still felt guilty about eating out EVEN THOUGH I DON’T NEED TO.
This book offers an effective weight loss plan, which aims to focus on the style and size of each person.
And guess what happens later on when you (actually not you, may be someone else) get off of the "stuff"? Once you know for sure, go for it and don't let any distractions and uninformed thoughts get on the way. That being said, there have only been a select few books that have caused me to honestly evaluate my eating and exercise patterns and decide if what I’m doing is really working. Losing lean body mass (muscle) can decrease metabolism and lead to hormonal problems and difficulty losing body fat in the future.
If you lose 5 lbs., and only 2 of it is from body fat (the rest of muscle)- that’s not really something to celebrate!
This book explains that you need to determine your daily caloric needs based on BMR, activity level, weight, lean body mass, age and gender.
When I think of paying attention to specific levels of macronutrients, my mind automatically goes towards body builders (or Heather telling me about her eating plan during her competition training).

I’ve been logging foods in MyFitnessPal on and off for years- but have been pretty diligent about really keeping track over the last few months.
I started paying attention to my macro ratios and staying around 1600 calories a day about ten days before Christmas.
So I worry that this book might be advocating a low-calorie diet, which is not good for you. I need structure and am careful not to get obsessive about it (in fact, I need to be a little more structured that I am!)- that’s the only way that I can have success with weight loss. I also enjoy reading people’s thoughts on eating anything that fits into your macros vs. Thanks for reminding me it isn’t going to undo all of my hard work over the past few weeks. One of the different points of this product with others is that this fat burning and muscle-feeding product encourages people in using methods without reducing supplements.
Your body type, metabolism and hormone balance play an important role on which you don't have so much control. I could easily make the word count of this post well over 10,000- but I promise not to do that. I read the book until I fell asleep at night and would read a chapter as soon as I woke up in the morning. I’m pretty sure that I feel into that diet trap and am still affected by my former weight-loss habits to this day! Even though the scale is the easiest and most popular way to track weight loss, Tom recommends testing body fat percentage often to determine how much fat you’re really losing. I’ve been working with a ratio of around 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat- give or take a few percentage points.
One of the great thing about the My Fitness Pal app is that it breaks down your macros- which makes it a lot easier to see if you’re hitting the right ratios! I also loosely followed Tom’s workout plan (which I will talk about in further detail in a follow-up post) and focused on strength training with some cardio. That said, 1600 calories is not a bad number in terms of weight loss (not maintainence) depeneding on your actual caloric need!
If you are on the pursuit to lose weight, always remember you body’s happiness is the key to success!
In fact, I think it is amazing that you found a system that truly appeals to you in this journey! I, too, thought and hoped that I can shorten my way to a better body by shedding fat while building muscle at the same time. After reading that book, I gave up using artificial sweeteners (I was a total Splenda addict) and started buying organic produce, meat and dairy.
He explains that you need to eat and exercise in a very specific way in order to maintain (and build!) lean muscle mass and lose fat.
You can get a pretty good idea of what your body actually needs- but I’ve definitely found that the sure-fire way to know is to undergo metabolic testing.
Those include: whole fresh fruit, vegetables, sweet potatoes, potatoes, oats (rolled or steel-cut), brown rice, beans and legumes, 100% whole wheat or whole grains, low or nonfat dairy products, chicken and turkey breast, eggs and egg whites, lean cuts of red meat and game meats. I know that for me having a cheat meal isn’t going to undo my hard work- but an entire cheat day probably will. I became very relaxed with my eating over the last two years and the pounds piled on- it’s time for me to get back down to business! Therefore, the Health Review Center decided to buy the program and completed a complete burn the fat review.
The second step, this book guides people discovering what body type and metabolic type people belong. When I finished reading the book (and even throughout!) I felt inspired and like okay- I can do this! He suggests to look after the habits of body builders and figure competitors because they’ve got keeping a lean, toned body down to a science!
In addition, this program explains why and how these factors affect to the weight of the body. This step is important, because if they eat wrong kinds of food, their bodies can become overweight.
I was able to get back on track right after the new year and am determined to stay there from now on. I find you and your words beautiful and inspiring and I am excited to see your personal growth!
They only choose appropriate foods, which this book cites, and they can eat much as they want”.

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