Now, if you go on an all day hike or four-hour bike ride, you will burn a significant amount of body fat (that is, if you don't sustain an overuse injury in the process). The people you see who religiously do 30-60 minutes on the elliptical machine look about the same as they did months ago, don't they? After finishing an intense (but short) workout, your metabolism may be higher for up to 14 hours afterward.
If you have limited time to workout, interval training will help you reach your goals faster. A smaller percentage of a bigger total can be better than a larger percentage of a smaller total.

But if you don't have 4-8 hours every day to work out, high intensity is the way to go (assuming a level of intensity that is safe for you).
But at the end of a slow, steady jog, your body will be back to it's steady state within an hour and you will be right back where you started.
And why are we, CrossFitters, getting such amazing results while our workouts last a mere 20 minutes?
A higher metabolism post workout means you are burning more calories, even if you're sitting at a desk most of the day. My grandmother's high intensity will be drastically different from a college athlete's high intensity; it's all relative.

Your body will need time to adapt to the stimulus, as it is vastly different from watching tv on a stairclimber.

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