T2 doesn’t only work on fat burning, it also CONVERTS slow twitch to fast twitch fibers. T2 is a Natural Thyroid hormone which may be as good if not better than our own natural T3.
Natural thyroid hormones come in two forms: T4, the inactive stable prohormone and T3 the active short lived metabolite of T4.
T2 Fat Burner doesn’t only work on fat burning, it also CONVERTS slow twitch to fast twitch fibers. If you want to be leaner, more muscular and stronger with a legal and safe supplement then T2 Fat Burner is the way to go.

For a more details about T2 and the studies to back up these claims check out the full article here! As a dietary supplement, dispense 1ml of T2 Fat Burner under your tongue and hold for 30 seconds, then swallow.
Yohimbine will target hard to burn fat areas, like the thighs and butt on women and the midsection on men. In men, testosterone makes the fat around the organs and around the waist LOCK so you can’t burn it, but with topical fat burner LipoTherm Y you can target these LOCKED fat cells and get the body you always wanted. This is the first legally available spot reduction, but you have to actually be burning fat for this to work.

It allows the normal fat burning hormones to target these “locked” locations, locations where fat can’t be burnt from easily. It will help you to retain muscle while cutting, or while mass gaining to make sure every pound you gain is rock hard muscle.
IF you want to keep your breasts and butt, with LipohHerm-Y topical fat burner you can target the arms and thighs but leave the Butt and breasts full sized!

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