This means that taking any stimulant-based product, whether it’s coffee, tea, or a thermogenic like OxyELITE Pro, could be potentially dangerous for one-kidney patients.
As I’m sure you’ve seen from the OxyELITE Pro Results page, I had massive success with OEP and give it a great review. It doesn't take a ton of ingredients to become the best fat burner on the market for 3 years straight -- just the right ingredients. We explain the science behind OEP in terms that you can understand, and link to real scientific studies backing its ingredients. This is a guide that provides recommendations on how to mix OxyELITE Pro with other foods, supplements, and timing strategies to have the best cut possible while on OEP.

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Click on the User Reviews link to see user reviews or add your own review if you’ve taken OEP for a few weeks or more.
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There is clearly different behavior being elicited, and the product was not tested with this in mind.

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