Jika anda mendapati dengan senaman tidak dapat mengurang lemak dibahagian perut, pinggang, peha dan kaki, Fat Burner MEGA adalah jawapan yang sesuai untuk anda. With its own unique, powerful formula that delivers an amazing experience, The FAT BURNER MEGA is the perfect solution for when you’re trying to get your sweat on in the gym or even when doing light exercise at your very own home. Formula ini dicipta khas untuk membantu mengurangkan berat badan dan mensasarkan kawasan lemak degil yang tidak dapat dihilangkan dengan senaman.

Featuring a potent Acai Berry dose shown to aid weight loss, FAT BURNER MEGA also features, L-carnitine and Lecithin,for an unmatched weight loss experience.
With TKO Fat Burner Mega, you can enjoy food without worrying about the extra carb and it also increases your energy so you can run the extra mile or add a few more hours to the gym time.
Drink It Get the blast of the delicious FAT BURNER MEGA in a convenient powder format – just mix and drink!

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