Performix SST is a fat burner that has quickly gained popularity and sells exclusively through GNC. Most consumers will research a product before its purchase, but researching this product is very difficult. The persuasive GNC representative recommendation and the stylish Performix SST package can persuade even the most skeptical customer, that’s why thorough research should always be done before the purchase of any health product.
This fat burner costs more than most supplements we review, it’s an investment, and anyone would want a second recommendation or a review before such an expensive purchase. But some customer Performix SST reviews said negative things, “I took the first dose and started shaking and twitching. Performix is a relatively new supplement brand with just a few years of practice, but in these few years they have quickly gained attention and respect.
Performix uses stylish packaging and a large workforce of GNC representatives to persuade customers into purchasing their supplements. The creators claim SST will greatly boost energy, the extra energy expenditure will cause the body to burn more calories. SST features a PH resistant shell, the Terra coating shell is the latest in micro layering technology. The SST pill is a capsule that’s filled with hundreds of micro balls, which contain the ingredients. Each phase releases a series of new fat burning ingredients and feels different than the last, but after all four phases, you’re left feeling alright, unlike most supplements.
SST burns fat by releasing six different fat burning ingredients during certain points of digestion, half of the ingredients have been clinically proven to improve weight loss, but there still are no clinical studies for SST or the other ingredients.
We’ve broke down the six SST ingredients to understand how they burn fat, these ingredients are all natural, but some of the ingredients are powerful stimulants that can negatively affect some users.
Caffeine – Caffeine has been used for centuries and is the worlds most used stimulant compound. Mucuna Pruriens – Mucuna Priuriens is a bean from a tropical plant, there are very limited human studies for it, but some claims suggest it can beneficially effect the mental state and relax the body. Performix SST does have a minor chance of side effects, that’s because its formula uses powerful stimulants and some its ingredients contain chemicals. All medicine and supplements have a chance of side effects, some more extreme than others with a varying degree in between.
You will lose the most weight when you combine a healthy diet and a solid workout routine with a good fat burner. Performix SST is a fat burner that has quickly gained popularity and sells exclusively through GNC.

FitMiss Burn has a good price for its value, the $29.99 supply contains 90 capsules or 45 servings, so if you’re not happy with the results, at least you didn’t spend a lot of money. Our goal is to help you pick the solution that is right for you and help you on your weight loss journey. Most supplements are not credible and exaggerate which makes it very hard to find a good fat burner, so we’ve brought you the truth about SST. They’re known to make some of the best looking packages for their supplements, which is a big reason why they sell so well. The look and concept of their supplements is great at first, but we found complaints saying Performix supplements are too extreme, some users even felt like they wanted to go to the hospital. This effect is achieved by the use of a variety of stimulants, but they can affect some users negatively.
The different layers of the Terra shell will dissolve at certain points of digestion, depending on the PH levels of the stomach. Each micro ball has a Terra shell that’s made with a different level of PH resistance, some balls have a low level of PH resistance and will dissolve earlier in digestion, it just depends on which ingredients are in the micro ball and at which point of digestion those ingredients need to release.
When the different PH levels of the stomach dissolve a new set of micro balls, new ingredients will release, the next Terra phase will begin, and the user will feel a different effect. At this point the internal body temperature is still slowly rising, if it’s not already at its peak, some users may experience cold sweats due to the increase in body temperature and energy boost.
At this point the body has reached its peak core temperature, all the stimulants have released, and the users body is coasting through the day in an elevated fat burning mode.
The recovery blend from Terra phase 4, which creates the non crashing feeling, is a big bonus, and that’s not easily found in most supplements. The key fat burning ingredients are broke down in the next section, so we can know how SST burns fat and if its really worth its cost. Most people will feel fine while taking SST, but its a fair warning to those who are caffeine sensitive.
Synephrine has been clinically proven to induce weight loss by greatly boosting the bodies energy, the extra energy expenditure forces the body to burn more calories than normal, but some users may react negatively to such a potent stimulant. Research found Yohimbine could be used to treat erectile dysfunction, because of it’s ability to dilate blood vessels, which could aid in weight loss by helping red blood cells carry nutrients. This Gingseng root from India is often used in Ayurvedic medicine, it positively heals the thyroid gland, which will protect the adrenal gland from stimulants. It can also boost the brains production of the chemical Dopamine, which helps regulate ideal hormonal balance for weight loss.
If you already consume enough of it in your daily diet, than you won’t benefit from taking anymore.

Users should follow safety rules while taking SST, you should not take it at night or with any other caffeine products, and you should not take it if you’re sensitive to caffeine. SST users can experience some minor side effects such as cold sweats, dry mouth, boost in attention span, boost in energy, and a fast heart rate. The body is a reflection of how healthy its owner is and how well they take care of themselves, if you binge eat or drink, you’re wasting your time taking this fat burner. People either love SST or they hate it, for some this supplement is great, but for the others it’s a bad experience.
After you swallow SST, the outer pill will dissolve and release hundreds of Terra shell covered micro balls that contain the ingredients.
The thermogenic process will begin and the stimulants will start to boost the energy, the body will begin to burn more calories as its energy and core body temperature slowly increase. The last set of ingredients include a large 1000 mcg dosage of B-12, which naturally boosts mental focus and energy, which leave the user feeling clean and refreshed. SST works well, the Terra release system is well designed, but that doesn’t mean it provides results or that its ingredients are effective. But if you’re at a deficit, and you begin to consume more, it will assist the body with converting fat and protein into energy. Some SST users who are sensitive to caffeine reported feeling negative side effects like insomnia, headaches, dizziness, and trouble focusing.
If you want to lose weight, you must eat less calories than your body burns, it’s that simple. If you must buy SST than you can save some money by buying it through Amazon, but if you buy it anywhere else, this supplement is not worth its cost. I do strength training and cardio 4-6 times a week along with a 1400 restricted calorie diet.
The energy boost and extra energy expenditure will cause the body to burn more calories than normal, but prolonged use of caffeine will weaken its effect over time.
If you experience discomfort from these side effects, you can take half the suggested serving size, until your body develops a stronger tolerance, and than resume normal dosage. If you experience these rare symptoms, you should discontinue use or take half the recommended dosage.

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