FatBurners®SHOT es un concentrado de L-Carnitina que, combinado con ejercicio aerobico, estimula la reduccion del tejido graso gracias a la conversion de la grasa en energia. Para obtener un mayor efecto "fat burner", FatBurners®SHOT contiene, ademas de L-Carnitina, Colina Inositol que realiza un efecto sinergico con la L-Carnitina y favorece la movilizacion de la grasa durante el ejercicio. La L-Carnitina es el transportador mas eficaz de acidos grasos a la mitocondria para convertir el exceso de grasa en energia. Este proceso se acentua frente a una demanda de energia, asimismo es recomendable siempre combinar la L-Carnitina con la practica de ejercicio aerobico para lograr mejores resultados. La Colina es un nutriente esencial para el correcto funcionamiento del sistema cardiovascular y cerebral.
En Insositol estimula el metabolismo de las grasas movilizandolas y evitando su acumulacion tanto en el higado como en el tejido adiposo.
Long-Lasting, Anti-aging Make-up Line that Won’t Smear or Smudge Off the Entire Day!! Introducing FAT BURNER dry body oil an advanced slimming and moisturising complex which transforms even the driest skin, into moist and silky smooth skin in just 2 days.
In a real case of why hadn’t they invented this before, the body experts at freezeframe have finally released an exclusive oil treatment which can help you achieve both silky smooth skin and a leaner look.

FAT BURNER Dry Body oil is a powerful slimming and mositurising complex which transforms even the driest skin, into moist and silky smooth skin in just 2 days.
Snake skin might look great on a handbag, but if winter has left the skin on your body a dry, scaly mess then this luxurious body oil will have you looking more baby skin than snake skin just in time for summer. For super fast results, clinical tests showed that moisture levels in the skin are increased immediately on contact, with a massive 206% improvement in just 48 hours. But it’s the long term results that impressed our panel of experts, with moisture levels in the skin increasing by a factor of 60 in just 28 days.
But whilst the moisturizing properties rightly impressed our experts, it was the way that the oil made trial participants look slimmer which downright astounded them. Participants in a clinical trial were asked to apply product twice daily to legs, waist and hip area. Of course, they all loved that their skin was looking smoother after just two days – but at the end of the four week trial period, they could not believe their eyes. The most wanted side effect ever - Get your body back in shape whilst you get your skin back in shape! With a side effect of a leaner, firmer looking body, smooth, moist and glowing skin is looking better than ever!

Pump a small amount of oil on to hand and apply twice daily in a circlular motion, massaging into skin to aid penetration.
La L-Carnitina favorece la transformacion de grasa en energia ya que actua como transportador de los acidos grasos a la mitocondria, donde se produce su oxidacion.
El 100% de la L-Carnitina presente en FatBurners®SHOT es Carnipure®, lo que permite garantizar la maxima calidad y eficacia. Ademas, evita el almacenamiento de las grasas en forma de tejido adiposo y favorece la movilizacion de estas para convertirlas en energia. 60 x the moisture for a silky smooth look that will last, thanks to the increase in barrier protection which this multifunctional product also offers.
Asimismo, la L-Carnitina favorece la conversion de la grasa almacenada en el tejido adiposo en energia, logrando de esta manera una mayor definicion muscular. More exciting was the distinct narrowed appearance to the waistline – so much so that waists looked up to 2.2 cm slimmer!

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