Intermittent fasting is one of the most popular ways to diet, mainly because it is safer than all those fad diets, it is easier to follow, and it does give results. Intermittent fasting is not really a diet; it is more like an eating pattern where periods of eating alternate with periods of not eating or fasting. With normal eating patterns, that rarely ever happens, however, with the intermittent fasting diet, you have longer periods without food during which your body converts stored fats into energy.
Detoxification – Fasting gives your body time to repair all the cells and drive toxins out of your body. Hormonal balance – Intermittent fasting increases the levels of human growth hormone, which helps to repair and grow muscle and slow down aging. Longevity – Since fasting cleanses your whole body, rejuvenates the cells, and keeps the skin clear and smooth, we can say that longevity is one of its benefits.
Now that you know what it is and why it is good for you, here is a list of several more popular schedules that you could try.
Daily Fasting – In this case, you will have a 6-8 hour eating period each day and the rest of the time, you will be fasting.

Whole Day Fasting – This time fasting lasts longer than 24 hours, as you are not allowed to eat one whole calendar day.
Whether you are after weight loss or you just want to be young and healthy, intermittent fasting is one way to accomplish that.
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The first one does not allow you to consume any calories in a specific period – your fasting period. If one of them does not feel right and you have a hard time sticking to it, try another one.
For example, you will have “breakfast” at noon, lunch at 3.30 PM, dinner at 7 PM and no more food until noon on the next day.
5:2 in the name means that you can eat as much as you normally do on 5 days of the week and after that for 2 days, you need to cut your calories and only consume around 25% of your regular daily calorie intake.
It sure beats going on diets that last for weeks and only allow you to eat cabbage soup or steamed cauliflower.

The other type does still allow you to eat, but your calorie intake will be significantly lower than on non-fasting days. Normally, it takes up to 7-8 hours to burn all the stored glycogen and to go after fat cells. This is probably one of the easiest fasting patterns to follow as you can still eat every day. Many people prefer this schedule as then they do not have to keep an eye on the clock as long as they remember not to eat for one full day.
Even those 36-hour fasting periods do not seem so bad when you know that on the next day you can eat your favorite foods again. Again, you still get to eat on each day, but since you fast for 24 hours straight, you get to enjoy all the benefits.

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